Special: Staying fit while travelling

As I’m kind of a fitness freak, staying fit while travelling plays an important role for me. Usually, I’m running every second day, while on the other one I’m going to the gym. With travelling a lot, this schedule is tough to follow. Nevertheless, it is possible to stay fit while travelling by following a few rules.

Travelling for me usually means either going up early or falling asleep late. Sometimes, we got flights that depart at 6 am in the morning and believe me, going running beforehand is a torment. Moreover, we do not always have a lot of time in the cities we visit. That said, it is everything but easy to find a spot for running, especially because I don’t like to go running at nighttime.

Running in the nature helps fighting jetlag

Running in the nature helps fighting jetlag

Last but not least, there is this little thing called jetlag. Especially when flying long distance, it’s tough to pull oneself up and just go out running. I’m sure you all know these problems, but as I’m kind of freaky in this regard, I’m blessed to say: I’m getting my sport program done on pretty much every day a year. To help you to stay fit while travelling, I’ve summed up the points that are the most important in my opinion:

  1. Stay in a good location

First of all, a good location is key for sports in a foreign city. It’s neither nice nor comfortable to go running in an area that is kind of creepy, especially when you arrive late in the evening or when you want to go running early in the morning.

Welcomed by an amazing view

A good location makes finding nice running routes way easier

Moreover, a good location helps you to have shorter transfer times. That means that you’ll have more time to focus on running, working-out in the gym or any other sport.

  1. Book a hotel with a gym

Whoever is a sports freak like me should book a hotel with a gym. Even though running outside is much nicer, I can definitely recommend a gym even for runners. Especially in the darkness, I prefer the treadmill over lonely streets in a foreign city.

The fully equipped gym

Gyms are a good spot for a workout after a long day of travelling

Also, gyms offer the possibility to diversify your training. At times, it’s definitely recommendable to go for a different kind of workout if you’re doing sports every day. Some hotels do moreover have a pool. Swimming is a nice alternation as well!

  1. Pack your sports equipment

All of that is only important if you follow the most important hint: Pack your sports equipment! I’m kind of messy when it comes to packing, but I’m always double-checking if I got my running shoes, a shirt, trousers and socks as well as a trunk or a swimsuit if your hotel got a pool.

Pool at Hotel Palace

A swimming pool is great to stay fit as well

Everything else is a plus, but not a must for staying fit while travelling. It’s important to not forget anything, because in foreign cities, you either overpay for new equipment or you have to search for a while.

  1. Ask for nice running areas

If you like running like I do, you should definitely ask locals, the internet or the concierge of your hotel where running is nice. I got so many amazing tips in my life that I can safely say that running in a foreign city is way more amazing than at home – but only if you know where to go.


In Gothenburg, I was able to enjoy beautiful views while running

If nobody can help you to find a good route, watch out for parks and rivers. Usually, running close to these is really nice, especially when the sun is shining.

  1. Stay motivated

It may sound weird, but staying motivated is extremely important when it comes to sports while travelling. Especially jet lag or long hours of travelling will make you feel damp and sluggish. Thinking of running or a workout usually doesn’t help to motivate you.

Water, apples and towels in the gym

Tasty water and fruits are very helpful for getting motivated

Anyway, just go! After some minutes and especially after finishing the run/workout, you’ll feel refreshed and way better than before. Sports are able to make miracles come true!

  1. Just go!

There’ll always be an excuse why you shouldn’t do sports in a foreign city. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll be doing sports when you come home, just go! I’ve been running in dozens of interesting cities in the last year and pretty much always I’ve seen places and I’ve seen situations that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.


Without running, I never would have seen the christmas market in beautiful Haga (Gothenburg)

Running in a city at times is even more interesting than exploring the city as a tourist. Even if your motivation is down, do yourself a favor and just go. In the aftermath, you’ll be happy you didn’t miss the opportunity!



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  1. Reblogged this on The EndPoint Business Blog and commented:
    I’m not a runner but I thought this post might interest fitness enthusiast business travellers. I’d me most likely more focused on filling my tummy with exotic cuisine instead. And going to the spa is my idea of wellness.

  2. Like you I enjoy discovering new places by running in them. I think you get the feel for a place much quicker on foot, and the more you can see and can vary your route the better. Good for you for getting out there even when you are jet lagged and tired.

    • That’s true. Running makes you even feel the “vibrations” of the city. As a tourist, it’s tough to get this feeling without running, so it’s a great and special way of exploring a city 🙂

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  4. Riding a bicycle is another great way to explore cities while staying fit. Many cities seem to have Bike Share/Rental programs that make getting your hands on a bike in a foreign city a little easier.

    • That’s absolutely right. Hoping on a bike is so much easier than using the public transport. It’s a really nice way to explore the city as well. Thanks for the hint 🙂

  5. Kudos on keeping up running while traveling! It’s easy to justify not packing running gear to save space and guarantee laziness.

    My wife and I would one day like to do the Great Wall of China marathon – they even have package deals where you do group tourist things in addition to the marathon.

    • Wow, that sounds like an amazing experience. I’m thinking about running a marathon one day as well. Something scenic like the Great Wall of China one would be something for me as well. I’d lvoe to read something about your experiences if you’ll do it 🙂

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