Running in Kaliningrad

When we visited Kaliningrad, we were a little disappointed because the city is not really „beautiful“. Anyway, I enjoyed a wonderful run through the city and around the upper pond. Anyway, running in Kaliningrad was one of the weirdest experiences in my life as a jogger. Police men pointing at you, straying dogs accompanying you and holes in the street – interesting and weird at the same time.

The Sunday afternoon I decided to go jogging in Kaliningrad was a sunny one.

  • Distance: 7,5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 333 Meters
  • Calories burned: 400-500
  • Month: December
  • Weather: Sunny

Yet, it was a little cold as it was December and December in Russia usually is not the best time to go for a run.

My jogging route through Kaliningrad

My jogging route through Kaliningrad (Tracked by Runtastic)

I started my tour at the Radisson Blu Hotel, located right in the center of the city.

Forts, a nice view and policemen

I have to admit, the first kilometer of my running tour was kind of horrible.

Starting Point: The Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

Starting Point: The Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

Along the main street next to dilapidated buildings was rarely enjoyable. Anyway, the view at kilometer one compensated a lot. The upper pond in Kaliningrad was surprisingly enjoyable.

As I got a motivational boost due to the nice view, I decided to run around the pond, so I could also see the little fort that once was part of the city wall.


Beautiful view on the lake in Kaliningrad

After taking some lovely pictures, I ran around the corner, just to see another nice building: A beautiful church.


Amazing church

Anyway, taking photos was a little complicated this time as two policemen pointed at me after I made a photo with my mobile phone. Due to that, I decided to just jog further (I got a nice picture nevertheless).

Exploring the residential area of the rich

Starting at kilometer two, I had the chance to see some of the nicer residential areas of Kaliningrad.

Many impressive buildings with a view on the pond and many construction sites. Were they still building? I’m not sure, some of the sites looked abandoned.

Still building or already abandoned?

Still building or already abandoned?

Anyway, I enjoyed running the area as I had the pleasure to see a nicer area of Kaliningrad that I didn’t expect to find beforehand. I went on and reached the pond again at kilometer three.


Lovely view on the frozen lake

On this part, the water was frozen, so I had a chance to take some beautiful shots.

Following the pond and making friends

Running in Kaliningrad was a special experience. My new friends were a crucial part of the “interesting” experience.

I decided to run along the pond from kilometer three to kilometer five. The air is pretty enjoyable in this part of Kaliningrad, so I can fully recommend to take the same way. Also, you may make new friends, more precisely straying dogs. It’s worth a mention that I love dogs and enjoyed the dogs (which were pretty cute and not any aggressive).


At this point, the dog left me

Nevertheless, it was kind of tough to leave them behind (one accompanied me for more than one kilometer) as they looked so poor. A tough emotional moment for me.

Back into the lively city

The last two kilometers of my run were more of a city sightseeing experience.

Street market in the heart of Kaliningrad

Street market in the heart of Kaliningrad

At first, I ran through a market where locals sold different items. It was a little tough running there due to the many people and the bad street (holes everywhere!). Yet, it was enjoyable to see some “life” in the city.

After kilometer six, I got back into the “center” of Kaliningrad.

The stunning cathedral

The stunning church

The main plaza where also the beautiful cathedral, the biggest mall in Kaliningrad and the main station are located was a nice ending to my tour.

I enjoyed running in Kaliningrad and can fully recommend to do the same.

Back at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

Back at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

But be aware, this jogging tour will be memorable!


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  1. What a cool feature! I love the idea of exploring the city through running and nice that you shared the route to follow and pictures along the way. Great idea and thanks for sharing.

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