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In some cities, searching for a luxury hotel is tough. In Kaliningrad for example, there is not a single five star hotel. Even though the city is not really small, the “best” hotel (judging from Tripadvisor ratings) is the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad. We decided to take the chance and test the hotel for a two night stay when visiting the Russian city.

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The Radisson Blu in Kaliningrad is located right in the city center of Kaliningrad. As the transportation system of the city is not really great, we decided to take a taxi from the airport. It was not really expensive (500 RUB), so I can recommend to take a taxi over the public transport. The welcome at the hotel was a little cold, but very professional. The employee was really helpful and explained everything about the hotel and the city.

  • Classification: Four Star
  • Room Category: Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: December

Everyone at the reception during the whole stay did a really good job. Every question was answered instantly, the knowledge of English was not perfect, but good enough to get along. So, staying at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad is not a problem if you are not speaking Russian.

Small rooms with a nice design

We booked a standard room at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad. That meant that the room we got was a little small and confined, but the nice design and the lovely colors made spending time in the hotel relaxing.

The modern design was also visible in the bathroom that offered a tub, a big shower, one big sink and a toilette. Nothing was really separated, but the shower was spacious at least.

The amenities consisted of shower gel, shampoo and body lotion – no conditioner. Anyway, I liked that the design and the condition of the room was great.

A flat screen television, a filled minibar with fair prices, coffee and tea making facilities and a comfortable bed. Overall, the room at the Radisson Blu in Kaliningrad is absolutely great for a four star hotel.

Good food at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

Even though we visited Kaliningrad before the rubles decay, we were really happy about the prices at the Radisson Blu Kalinignrad. These made us enjoy a cocktail and a club sandwich in the bar at the first evening after coming home late.

Tasty and rich club sandwich

Tasty and rich club sandwich

Also, we decided to have the business lunch the day after. The food at both occasions was great. Quality and taste were fully satisfying. The service meanwhile was good only once. In the bar, the waiter was really attentive and nice.



At the restaurant, the waitress didn’t speak really good English and was very unfriendly. In the very end, we were forced to pay for an included (the business lunch comes with water and coffee) bottle of water. After we rejected, she got really mad and acted extremely unprofessional.

Main dish: "Wiener Schnitzel"

Main dish: “Wiener Schnitzel”

Something like this shouldn’t happen in a hotel of this quality. After that experience, we decided to not have dinner or lunch at the hotel another time. Last but not least, we also tried the breakfast buffet that was really good for a four star hotel (eggs were prepared by order and the choice of fresh fruits was great).

Anyway, the service was a little weak once again.

Gym access at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

The Radisson Blu Kaliningrad does neither have a spa nor a gym. That means that you have to leave the hotel and enter a business center next door if you want to go for a workout. Access to the fitness center is free of charge, but getting to it is an experience (it is located somewhere in the middle of a business building?). As it is a public gym, there are many machines and the quality of those is high.

Public gym with access for guests of the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

Public gym with access for guests of the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

Sadly, there are no drinks and towels offered. Moreover, it was a little weird to work out in a gym that is designated to body builders. A really special experience, but I’m not sure if I’d go to the gym again when coming back to the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad.

Very good value for the money

I already mentioned that I would return to the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad. The reason for that is pretty easy: The hotel offers a great value for the money. Even before the rubles decay, the hotel was priced cheaper than most four star hotels in Western Europe. Rooms at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad are available starting at 2.500 RUB (~35 Euro / 40 US-Dollar) which means that staying at the hotel is extremely cheap for Europeans and Americans at the very moment.

Breakfast was not expensive as well

Breakfast was not expensive as well

For every price up to 5.000 RUB, I can fully recommend staying at the hotel. It’s a great value for the money as the rooms are modern and beautifully designed. The food is great and the quality is high (especially considering the prices). The only weakness is the service in the restaurants. Last but not least, you shouldn’t forget about the great location. Tripadvisor ratings may not be a scale at most luxury hotels, but at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad, they are absolutely right.

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