City Guide: Malmö

Malmö is a small, very cute town in Sweden. Maybe not that small, as it is the third biggest city of Sweden. However, we did not have the feeling to be in a big city, as Malmö still does not have the flair of it. Strolling through the city, admiring the interesting buses, seeing different sides and faces of Malmö, freezing due to the cold November month and finally eating a great salad – that’s our day in short.

What to do if you have seen almost everything in Copenhagen but still have a second day left? Pretty spontaneously, we bought a train ticket from Copenhagen to Malmö, which turned out to be a great decision! Especially in regard to the Öresund Bridge.

On the Öresund Bridge

On the Öresund Bridge

Even though it was very cold, the weather was great and the sun was shining, which is always a positive aspect when exploring a new city. When we arrived (the train ride was about half an hour), we really liked the beautiful central station.

Central Station

Central Station

Everyone knows that the color green is a symbol for nature and ecologic. I guess the buses in Malmö are very nature-friendly (correct me if I’m wrong or convince yourself with this picture).

Bus in Malmö

Bus in Malmö

Now, we finally began to stroll through Malmö, beginning at the Stortorget, where also a fountain and a statue of an equestrian can be seen.

We continued our tour to the famous “Lilla Torg”, which means small market. I guess we would have had more fun in summer, when everything is open. So, it was beautiful to look at, but nothing to stay longer.

Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg

As Malmö is really a beautiful city, there were many buildings worth looking at. For example, we passed by the “Börshus” or the “Konsthall”. Not to forget to mention the St. Petri church!

We went on and found a park, the beautiful Kungsparken. Seeing the sun shining and trees being mirrored in some water was really nice, so were the reindeers we saw there.

Later on, we recognized the so-called Stadsbibliotek, which is more famous. Apart from that, worth mentioning is the Malmö Opera. We did not go in or enjoyed a show or something, but the exterior was nice nevertheless.

Malmö Opera

Malmö Opera

Last but not least, we went inside a shopping mall to warm ourselves a bit and to get some food. And what we got was great! An awesome big salad at Slimfood. Absolutely worth a recommendation!

To come to an end, Malmö is a wonderful city and I honestly enjoyed my time there despite the cold, so if you have the opportunity to pay it a visit, go for it!

Pedestrian Zone

Pedestrian Zone in Malmö


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