Airport Guide: Kaliningrad Khrabrovo Airport

The airport of Kaliningrad is only the 18th biggest in Russia. When you have the pleasure to visit the Russian enclave, you’ll see why. The airport is enormously small and there are only a few offered destinations. Most flights are either going to Moscow, Saint Petersburg or Minsk. Moreover, Air Berlin connects Kaliningrad with the German hub Berlin. If you’ll fly to Kaliningrad anyway, you should definitely check out this airport guide as it is not easy to come along at the little airport.

A dozen, maybe some more flights are departing at Kaliningrad “Khrabrovo” airport every day. Due to the fact that most flights are either going to Russia or Belarus, there is few information for international passengers. Our airport guide helps everyone coming to Kaliningrad getting along at the airport that mainly has Russian signs.

Regular routes at Kaliningrad Khrabrovo Airport:

  • Berlin-Tegel (Air Berlin)
  • Moscow (Aeroflot, UT Air, S7 Airlines)
  • Saint Petersburg (Aeroflot)
  • Minsk (Belavia)
  • Prague (Czech Airlines – starting at March 2015)
  • Kiev (Ukraine International Airlines)

First of all, there are no problems finding the right terminal as there is just one. This one is pretty new and modern, but is not finished till today even though it was opened in 2007. Being at the airport feels like being in a construction site, but it is not making your time there too uncomfortable, so there is no need to worry about this fact. Finding the right check-in counter or gate is easy as well – once again, there are not many.

Shopping and eating at Kaliningrad Airport

While some airports became shopping paradises in the last years, the Khrabrovo airport in Kaliningrad is the complete opposite. There are only a few shops, most of those either sell souvenirs or amber and other jewelry. Moreover, you are able to find two cafés in the check-in area.

At Kaliningrad Khrabovo Airport there are not more than 10 shops in total

At Kaliningrad Khrabrovo Airport there are mostly amber and souvenir shops

These offer slightly higher prices than cafés in the city center. In the international gate area, there is just one little kiosk with a few snacks and completely exaggerated prices. So, when departing from Kaliningrad, there will neither be something like duty free shopping nor any delightful eating.

Sleeping at Kaliningrad Airport

Most airports in Eastern Europe nowadays got at least one airport hotel. The Khrabrovo airport does not. For international passengers, that means that a trip to the city is necessary. When it comes to prices, this is not a problem at all. Rooms in the best hotels of the city are available starting at 2500 RUB (~ 35 Euro / 40 US-Dollar).

Lounging area

Sleeping in the city, for exmaple at the Radisson Blu Kaliningrad, is recommendable

Budget hotels are also available, rates for these are starting at RUB 1000 (~15 Euro / 20 US-Dollar). Anyway, it’s important to know that the trip from the airport to the city takes approximately 30 minutes by taxi or even longer by bus.

Transportation at Kaliningrad Airport

Small airports usually offer quite an easy transportation system. So does the Kaliningrad Khrabrovo airport. There is only one bus line that is stopping at the airport. The bus line 144 is connecting the airport to the city. Depending on the destination, the trip takes about 45 minutes or an hour. Taxis are the faster way to reach the city, usually taking 30 minutes.

Public transportation is rarely modern in Kaliningrad

Public transportation is rarely modern in Kaliningrad

Prices for buses are very low in Kaliningrad, but also taxis are available for only 500 RUB (~ 7 Euro / 10 US-Dollar). Anyway, it’s important to be aware that most drivers (taxi and bus) are only speaking Russian. Due to that, it’s necessary to either agree on a price at a station at the airport (the agents are speaking English) or in the hotel. Otherwise, there is the possibility that drivers may betray international passengers.


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