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Sometimes you are lucky with the weather and sometimes you are not. In Gdansk, I had the feeling that I was blessed and deuced at the very same time. When I went running in the beautiful Polish port city, the sun was either shining or it was raining and very cloudy. Even though the weather was not any consistent, the run was a real joy – some beautiful pictures are the result!

I started my run at the Mercure Gdansk Stare Miasto. Due to that, the first kilometer of my run was a little boring.

  • Distance: 5,5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 68 Meters
  • Calories burned: 300-400
  • Month: January
  • Weather: Cloudy, partly sunny

The residential area was nice nevertheless. Also, Gdansk is a really runner friendly town.

My jogging route through Gdansk

My jogging route through Gdansk (Tracked by Runtastic)

There are sidewalks everywhere and many parks across the city. Not to forget about the beautiful pedestrian zone in the city center, but more about this later on.

Starting Point: Mercure Hotel Gdansk

Starting Point: Mercure Hotel Gdansk

At kilometer one, I arrived at the Motlawa, the river crossing the center of Gdansk. At this place, you can also find the Hilton Gdansk, one of the best hotels in the city.


Hilton Gdansk

Arriving at the Motlau at kilometer 1

Arriving at the Motlawa at kilometer 1

At the Motlawa, running is even more enjoyable than in the city center as there is a fresh breeze and a pedestrian zone.

So no worries about cars, just about some other pedestrians. Luckily, there were not many on a cold day in January.

Stunning architecture and beautiful ships

On my way along the Motlawa, I had the pleasure to see several amazing buildings on the one side and many nice ships on the other side. Definitely a beautiful place.

Beautiful houses everywhere

Beautiful houses everywhere

Crossing the river at the Brama Zielona

Crossing the river at the Brama Zielona

A few meters before kilometer two, I reached the “Brama Zielona” (Green Gate), a stunning historic gate which is beautiful till today. Here, I decided to cross the bridge to “Wyspa Spichrzów”, a residential and partly also touristic area.

Residential area

Residential area

I also crossed another bridge, so I could enjoy beautiful views on the old town of Gdansk. I ran around the modern Marina (which is beautiful as well) for a while, before I decided to go for more stunning views after kilometer three.

Back at “Wyspa Spichrzów”, I decided to take “the long way” back to the city and ran around the island. Definitely worth the effort as the view was absolutely stunning.

The old town of Gdansk from distance

The old town of Gdansk from distance

In my opinion, the old town of Gdansk is even more beautiful from distance.

Exploring the old town and the sights of Gdansk

With passing the Green Gate, I officially entered the old town of Gdansk again.

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I decided to take the scenic route along the “Dlugi Targ”, the main street of Gdansk.

After passing the Brama Zielona, I immediately entered the old town of Gdansk

After passing the Brama Zielona, I immediately entered the old town of Gdansk

Here you’ll be able to see amazing architecture and a lot of shops. This area also is a pedestrian zone, so it’s really nice for jogging. I followed the road and spotted several important buildings like the town hall.

A few meters after kilometer four, I decided to turn right and entered another street with some touristic shops. This one was not really nice though, so I decided to take another one right. But not before taking a picture of one of the nicest buildings I’ve spotted while running in Gdansk.

Such a beauty, but sadly a little bit too big to get a nice photo

Such a beauty, but sadly a little bit too big to take a nice photo

Anyway, this was not the end yet. There was something else you shouldn’t miss when going jogging in the Polish town: The Cathedral.

Difficult shots and a nice way “home”

Shortly before arriving at kilometer 5, I spotted the cathedral. I wasn’t having an easy time taking pictures as my mobile just didn’t get all parts of the immense cathedral on one picture.

Too big for a picture: The cathedral

Too big for a picture: The cathedral

I did my best, but it just didn’t really work out. In the end, I decided to just move on. I didn’t expect to see many nice buildings on my way back to the hotel (more or less a residential area), but I did anyway.

Lovely street on my way "home"

Lovely street on my way “home”

A beautiful park with interesting buildings made me happy before turning right again (feels like I always turned right) and arriving at the hotel.

Beautiful park in Gdansk

Beautiful park in Gdansk

If you have some time, I would definitely recommend to take a similar route when running in Gdansk.

You’ll not only be able to see all the major touristic attractions, but you’ll also get beautiful views of the Old Town when running to the Marina. Enjoy!


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  1. I love Gdansk, its such a pretty place which you’ve managed to do justice to with your photos! My Mum is originally from Sopot, just along the coast, so I’ve visited a few times and hope to return soon 🙂

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