Looking back on week 22

A hotel in Myanmar, being sportive in Kaliningrad, flying with TAP Portugal, testing a new hotel chain, visiting the beautiful Swedish city of Malmö and much more before we arrived in Winter Wonderland on Friday. Again, we wrote many articles about our experiences all around the world to make you part of our experiences and to give you a guide when travelling. Check out our newest look back!

You know Nay Pyi Taw? Even though this is the capital of Myanmar, probably not. But you should definitely check out the newly opened Hilton Hotel there!

(Image Source: Hilton Nay Pyi Taw /

(Image Source: Hilton Nay Pyi Taw /

Although Kaliningrad is not the most beautiful city, jogging in the Russian city was a very special experience and there is even a nice route to follow!

Running in Kaliningrad

Thinking about flying with TAP Portugal? See what you can expect while being in the air and be sure to check out our rating!

Cloud Mountain

It is definitely worth having a look at the Radisson Blu in Kaliningrad! See what we liked and check out the result in terms of rating!

Bed 3

Radisson Blu Kaliningrad

I already covered the history and culture of Malmö. This week, we released what we discovered in Malmö: Our city review!

St. Petri Church in Malmö

Arriving in Winter Wonderland – our first night in Helsinki, Finland, at the Hilton Kalastajatorppa!


Small airport, no information in the internet at all – Kaliningrad has a small airport, but you’ll need a guide for sure!

Airport Kaliningrad

Losing our beautiful view at Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa, but gaining a better location to start at for a city tour: Hilton Helsinki Strand

Bed Hilton Helsinki Strand

Beautiful city, not so beautiful weather, but enjoyable running nevertheles: Running in Gdansk!

The locations named are not the warmest one can travel to in winter, so we went for an Arabic photo of the week!

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi


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