Special: Hiking in Kitzbühel

Some experiences are worth writing about even months afterwards. Hiking in Kitzbühel was unquestionably one of those. Beautiful weather in September, amazing nature and a long hike up to the “Sintersbach-Wasserfall”, a stunning waterfall in the Austrian Alps. If you ever have the chance to go to Kitzbühel, take some time to make this hike happen!

In September 2014, we had the pleasure to stay at the Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol in Jochberg. The little town close to Kitzbühel is really inviting for anybody who loves skiing (in winter) and hiking (in summer). We decided to leave the amazing Spa of the Kempinski for some hours to enjoy the nature in the Austrian Alps.

This is where our hiking experience began

This is where our hiking experience began

And believe me, it was worth it! The hotel recommended us to hike to the Sintersbach Waterfall (Sintersbach-Wasserfall in German). What a perfect recommendation.

Endless hiking in the beautiful nature

On the bottom of the route to the Sintersbach Waterfall, there is a parking lot, so it’s not a problem going there by car from Kitzbühel. Anyway, it’s recommendable to equip yourself with water, something to eat as well as good clothes and good shoes.

The only restaurant on the mountain is the “Wildalm”, but you’ll need at least another 30 minutes to get there from the Sintersbach Waterfall. Even though there may be routes with better catering on the way, this one was so scenic that there was no need for gastronomy at all.

Following the mountain stream

What makes the hike to the Sintersbach Waterfall that amazing in my opinion is the fact that you are following a mountain stream pretty much all the time. Due to that, you’ll have great views every minute you are hiking up the mountain.

But that’s not the only amazing thing about this hike. I loved the fact that the paths changed from time to time. At first, there was a big way leading up the mountain (also for cars). Just minutes later, this one changed in a very small path along the abyss.

Different paths on the hike

Different paths on the hike

Next was a normal path again and in the very end, close to the Sintersbach Waterfall, the route went into a mystic path through a dark forest.

Reaching the waterfall and exploring the beauty

After more than two hours hiking up and up, you’ll start hearing the waterfall. At first, it’s a little silent, but you hear it more clearly with every step.

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And then, finally, you’ll see the Sintersbach Waterfall and you’ll forget about all the “pain” you had while going up.

The first part of the waterfalls

The first part of the waterfalls

Lovely as the area in the Austrian Alps is, there are several bridges that make it possible to explore the waterfall from each angle. Absolutely lovely.

The beautiful Sintersbach Waterfall

The beautiful Sintersbach Waterfall

We decided to stay for some minutes before we went down again. Even though you’ll be a little exhausted by the time, take your time to enjoy the views into the valley.

With every step you are coming closer, but yet every moment in the nature is enjoyable.

Hint: Don’t always believe what is written on the signs telling you how many minutes / hours you have to plan to get to a point. We took way longer going up (150 minutes instead of the “advertised” 90 minutes), but were way faster going down (45 minutes instead of 80 minutes).


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  2. Wow I was there a couple of years back but did not have a chance to hike. Love the pictures!!

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