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Hardly any city has as much to offer as Geneva in Switzerland. The country in the Alps is known for being a very neutral partner, so many negotiations take place there. Not any surprisingly, Geneva established itself as a center for culture, politics, economy and many international organisations. Above all, Geneva also is a very beautiful and attractive city for tourists. There’s only one thing to be aware of like in all other Swiss cities: Switzerland is a very expensive country in general, and Geneva is not an exception of this.

We arrived pretty early in the morning from Copenhagen and waited for the shuttle by the Mövenpick Hotel before we checked-in. After that, we did not lose much time and set off to the city. The connection is pretty solid though.


Public transportation in Geneva

When we got out of the tram, a nice square awaited us. Obviously, there was someone very creative who made the square unique. Moreover, one can already see the famous Jet d’Eau! Admittedly, we did not come any nearer there even afterwards, but that has different reasons!

Starting from there, we decided to just go wherever our feet will take us. First, we followed a small street up. It was very nice to be in the middle of the city, seeing characteristic buildings, small shops and even one antiquarian bookseller. However, we did not just see that, but also Swiss prices when it comes to going to someone who shall make your hair – prices for a hairdresser.

On our way, we met one runner, which we found tough due to the high gradient and altitude in general. But we should learn that there were many more following. In about every corner, another runner crossed our way. What I forgot to mention so far is that we visited Geneva on a cold November day. We are still not sure which kind of run we “crashed” into or if it was just a very sportive day in Geneva, but nevertheless, they have our full respect!

Cathedral Saint-Pierre in Geneva

Furthermore, we figured out that it would be nice to have a look at the cathedral Saint-Pierre. Still in one of many small streets, something old and cute at the very same time crossed our way.

Old Railway

Lovely little train

But that should not be the only surprise on our way to Saint-Pierre. At this time, demonstrations against “Ecopop” were in full swing. We didn’t exactly run into one, but engaged inhabitants spread information about it and held some booths with flyers and so on. Nevertheless, after quite an amount of surprises, we made it to the cathedral Saint-Pierre.

Although we did not go down to the archaeological side, I’m pretty sure this would have been interesting. If you know anything about that, please feel free to tell me about it!

Reformation Wall in Geneva

As the cathedral Saint-Pierre is pretty much on a hill of the city, we followed our feet down again (this time without unexpected incidents). However, we saw something from its back which seemed to be interesting to us. And it turned out right! Now we realized where our feet took us: At the Reformation Wall! I don’t know if it looks that impressive on the pictures, but it definitely is in real!

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A vibrating phone is always a sign for having internet access. The reason for this is simple: We arrived near one building of the university, which is great as “Eduroam” is used by students all over the world, so we could easily connect.

Discovering Geneva in the dark 

As November is neither the warmest nor the sunniest month of the year in Europe, it got dark pretty fast. But as this was our only day we had in Geneva, the decision between going back to the hotel and sightseeing was easy. Sightseeing! However, we were able to watch some seagulls.

Seapull 3

Wildlife in the heart of Geneva

Despite that, the views we enjoyed were amazing! Inter alia, we could see le Cité du Temps or the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues.

River 2

Geneva by night

Last but not least, we finally found the Flower Clock! Not that easy to take a nice photo in the dark though…

Flower Clock

Flower Clock 2

Here’s a little gallery of other nice photos we took in Geneva, so enjoy!

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