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There are so many new and amazing hotels in Asia that it’s often hard to make a choice. In Singapore, the Sofitel So is very individual – guests will either love it or hate it. The design is unique in all regards. That means that the lobby is a little different and so are the rooms. The only thing that’s the same as in all othera Sofitel properties is the high level of service and the amazing overall quality of the hotel.

In hotel previews, we usually try to highlight the most important facts about a hotel but when talking about the new Sofitel So Singapore , it’s really tough to not only let pictures speak. The design by the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld is visible in all areas of the hotel.

Exterior of the Sofitel (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Exterior of the Sofitel (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Together with interior architect Isabelle Miaja, Lagerfeld created a hotel that is more than just unique. Be it one of the 134 rooms including nine suites or the rooftop pool. Everything at the Sofitel So Singapore is special.

Rooms with a unique design at the Sofitel So Singapore

What’s called standard room at other properties has a very special name at the Sofitel So Singapore . The luxury hotel named its lowest room category “So Cosy”. The cosy room offers a king bed, a coffee machine, a rain shower, a private bar and special amenities like unlimited free local calls.

Unique room design (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Unique room design (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Anyway, the lowest room category only offers 24 square meters which is not really much for a luxury hotel. The room category “So Comfy” has the same size, but comes with more special amenities. For a larger room, guests may opt for a “So Urban” room (40 square meters) in the Heritage Wing.

Bathroom of a suite (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Bathroom of a suite (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

The design is a little more classic, but has a French touch nevertheless. Studios and Suites are even more spacious (55 to 92 square meters) – all are also located in the Heritage Wing.

Luxurious lunch or dinner at the Sofitel So Singapore

While many frequent travelers may already know modern and interestingly designed breakfast rooms, few will have seen as strange restaurants as the one of the Sofitel So Singapore. The “Xperience Restaurant” is a real experience in every regard.

Not a normal restaurant (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Not a normal restaurant at the Sofitel So Singapore (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

The design doesn’t make the restaurant look like a place for a cozy and comfortable dinner, yet it’s so interesting that having food there may be an amazing experience. Chef Anne-Cecile Degenne cooks with French expertise, but also offers delights from the South-East-Asian cuisine. After an interesting dinner, guests have the possibility to round off the day with a nice drink in the hotel bar. Also, room service is available 24 hours a day.

Swimming pool with a great view

With all the design highlights at the Sofitel So Singapore, it’s kind of interesting that the gym and the pool look just normal. The gym is equipped with a lot of modern machines, so there is everything for a nice workout.

Machines in the gym (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Machines in the colorful gym (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

The swimming pool is meanwhile a little more special. This time not because the design is great, but because the view is stunning. The Sofitel Singapore is by far not the highest building in the city, but the view from the unheated outdoor pool is great nevertheless.

Swimming pool with a great view (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Swimming pool with a great view (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

A place to really enjoy oneself after a long working or shopping day.

280 SGD for unique design in a special place

The Sofitel So Singapore is unquestionably a very special place. The rates for a night start at 280 SGD (~ 200 Euro / 225 US-Dollar). That’s a pretty normal price for five star properties in Singapore. The great location right in the financial center of Singapore and the high-quality service offered by Sofitel all around the world will make staying at the Sofitel So Singapore a great experience for sure.

Lobby of the Sofitel Singapore (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Lobby of the Sofitel Singapore (Image Source: Sofitel So Singapore /

Anyway, staying at the Sofitel So Singapore is not cheap in many regards. Rooms with breakfast are usually available starting at 350 SGD (~ 250 Euro / 280 US-Dollar). Better room categories with a more decent size are even more expensive. A pricey, but for sure unique experience in the heart of Singapore.

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  1. It looks great indeed but more like a theme park to me, I would look for something more ‘sofie’ to stay 🙂 Nonetheless, I love the name Sofitel So Singapore but I think this hotel can be as well a member of the M Gallery Collection by Accor.

    • I can fully agree with that. I was also a little surprised that it is a Sofitel property. It’s just a little too crazy for a “real Sofitel”. But I think they made it one to get the ability to make higher prices…

      • You should check out the Sofitel ‘Legend’ type as well. I think there are about 10 in the world with a historic background. Where I live in Hanoi we have the Sofitel Legend Metropole which is quite a bit of a Legendary one – the room rate is also legendary of course… 🙂

      • This one looks even better. I just like the “traditional” design a little more. I had the pleasure to stay at The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and The Hermitage Hotel in Jakarta (we reviewed both of them). These hotels are also traditional hotels with a modern interpretation. Really impressive. But I’ll check the Sofitel Legend in Hanoi for sure, when I’ll have the chance to visit Vietnam somedy. I believe that would be an amazing experience (I also got the pleasure to be a Le Club Accor Platinum member) 🙂

      • Uhm then in Vietnam maybe the Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula will be worth checking as well and would be a great pleasure if you are also member of IHG…Impressive design and for me it is a bit unreal 🙂

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