Hotel Review: Pousada de Cascais

I absolutely fell in love with Portugal in December. Due to that, we decided to spend New Year’s Eve in the Pousada de Cascais, a luxury hotel located right at the harbor of Cascais. Modern rooms, amazing views and great food. All the positive aspects of the Pousada proved to be right, but there were also some less convincing matters. Our hotel review of the Pousada de Cascais!

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Usually, we don’t arrive late in a hotel, but due to checking out in the afternoon in Porto, we arrived in Cascais at 8 pm. At the Pousada de Cascais, that was not a problem at all. We all (we travelled with family) got lovely upgrades.

  • Classification: None
  • Room Category: Junior Suite / Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: December

Even though a Junior Suite sounded great in the beginning, we were a little bit disappoint about the room when we saw it for the first time. Anyway, the check-in process was extremely smooth and the staff was really helpful and even secured a late reservation in the hotel restaurant for us. The reception staff was pretty good during our whole stay, so a full recommendation in this regard!

Dark room with a little window

Sometimes you get rooms you instantly fell in love with and sometimes you just don’t come along with a room. Sadly, at the Pousada de Cascais, the latter one was the case.

Bedroom at the Pousada

Bedroom at the Pousada

The Junior Suite is way too dark in our opinion as it only has one little window.  As the room is moreover divided into two different smaller rooms, it does rarely feel cozy at all.

The bedroom itself was cozy enough, but the living room was not inviting at all.

The "living room" was not any inviting

The “living room” was not any inviting

The bathroom was a little small, but pretty okay though.  For the very last night (New Year) we had to move into a Standard Room. That was a little less dark, but not really a recommendation as well.

The size is okay, but you do neither get a nice view nor a balcony or anything alike – not really what to expect in a holiday luxury hotel. Anyway, it’s worth a mention that they also got great sea view rooms.

View in the Junior Suite (sadly, just a little window)

View on the terrace of the breakfast restaurant (seafront rooms offer this view as well)

I’ve stayed at one in 2013 and I loved it!

Crowded breakfast at the Pousada de Cascais

Sadly, another thing that I liked about my stay in 2013 was not really as expected. The breakfast was pure enjoyment when I visited the Pousada de Cascais for the first time.

Choice of cold cuts at breakfast

Choice of cold cuts at breakfast

When I came back to the luxury hotel this year, breakfast went into a crowded and non-enjoyable experience. At first, we did not even get a table as the lovely area (amazing views on the harbor and the sea!) was filled with people.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits

After we got one, the service was a little too slow. Coffee came after minutes, plates were not taken away immediately. The buffet, yet a little small, offers several different delights.

Eggs are prepared by order

Eggs are prepared by order

I especially liked the garnishing. The taste was very good as well, so nothing negative to say about that.

Great restaurant with Portuguese delights

Even though the Pousada de Cascais was fully booked on most days of our three night stay, we had the pleasure to get a spot at the hotel restaurant for two days (it was closed on New Year Eve due to a special dinner).

Startet at "Taberna de praca"

Starter at the “Taberna de praca”

Carrot Cream Soup

Carrot Cream Soup

The chef is known for just cooking Portuguese delights. That’s why the menu is full of regional dishes like codfish. In my opinion, the quality and taste of the food were absolutely great.

Tuna on the traditional hot stone

Tuna on the traditional hot stone

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese

Moreover, the service was amazing even though the restaurant was pretty full on the two evenings we had dinner as well. Last but not least, even the prices were really okay for a restaurant at a luxury hotel.

All this together made our dinners at the restaurant of the Pousada de Cascais very enjoyable!

Small spa area at the Pousada de Cascais

When I visited the Pousada de Cascais in 2013, the by the time new luxury hotel did only have an indoor pool. One year later, it also had a outdoor pool with a cool “shark” on the bottom. The indoor areas stay the same.

Indoor Pool at the Pousada de Cascais

Indoor Pool at the Pousada de Cascais

There is a pool with a decent size, a small steam bath and also a small sauna. Moreover, there are three loungers prepared. Way too less for a luxury hotel that may house more than 200 people. There are several loungers on the terrace as well but in December, it’s way too cold to use those.

"The shark" in the outdoor pool

“The shark” in the outdoor pool

Even though the spa is small and it is located right next to the restaurant (detached by a curtain only), the feeling in the area was surprisingly private.

Moreover, I’ve never seen more than two or three guests in the spa at the same time, so the size may not be a matter at most days.

A luxury experience with weaknesses

The Pousada de Cascais is a really interesting luxury hotel in many regards. They are constantly working on making the guests experience better (new outdoor swimming pool, new so-called “art rooms” that are dedicated to special artists) and the hotel got great staff at the reception and in the dinner restaurant.

Lovely little welcome present

Lovely little welcome present

Sadly, there are only a few rooms with a great view, so you need to be fast to book on of those. Many rooms are either having a bad view or are too dark in my opinion. All in all, I can fully recommend staying at the Pousada de Cascais in low season, but after our experience over New Year, we would refrain from staying there on Public Holiday again. The experience at the Pousada is just way better when the place is less crowded.

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