Airport Guide: Lisbon Portela Airport

The Lisbon International Airport exists for more than 70 years. Today, it’s one of the most modern and biggest airports in Southern Europe. As it is hub for the national carrier TAP Portugal, the airport gained more and more importance in the 21st century. In 2014, more than 18 million people departed or landed at Lisbon Portela Airport. We’ll guide you through the growing airport!

Five nominations for the title “Best European Airport” in the last years speak for themselves. The Lisbon Portela Airport is a great one. It’s extremely modern, it’s easy to navigate through and it offers everything a traveler needs.

Entry hall of Terminal 1

Entry hall of Terminal 1

Nowadays, the airport with its two terminals serves more than 18 million passengers a year. The most important carrier is TAP Portugal, followed by its subsidiary Portugália. Other important carriers are SATA International, Ryainair and EasyJet. While all major carriers may be found at Terminal 1, the low-cost-carriers found a home at Terminal 2.

  • Airlines departing from Terminal 1: Members of Star Alliance, SkyTeam and oneworld; Emirates and all other full service carriers
  • Airlines departing from Terminal 2: Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizz Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Transavia

Shopping and eating at Lisbon International Airport

At the modern terminal 2, passengers that are either changing the plane, departing or arriving at Lisbon Portela Airport got amazing facilities for shopping and eating. There is a commercial area at the check-in area (before security control) and an even larger one in the security area right at the gates.

Duty Free Shop at Lisbon International Airport

Duty Free Shop at Lisbon International Airport

There are several shops, some cheaper ones, but also luxury boutiques offering items for the sophisticated traveler. When it comes to food, there are only a few real restaurants. Mostly, the airport is a paradise for everyone who wants to grab a snack or sip a coffee. Dozens of different food shops and cafés are awaiting passengers of the Lisbon International Airport.

Sleeping at Lisbon International Airport

The Lisbon Portela Airport is a really convenient airport for travelers that have a connection to another flight. There are several seating areas and as named before, there is also a huge choice of restaurants and shops. Anyway, the airport’s facilities are rarely adapted for travelers that want to sleep in the airport. For those, there is a pretty modern airport hotel nearby. The TRYP Lisbon Airport offers large and airy rooms as well as a huge spa with a swimming pool for recreation.

There are rarely any areas for sleeping at the airport

There are rarely any areas for sleeping at the airport

Even though the 4-star TRYP hotel is not really expensive, there is also a cheaper one. The Holiday Inn Express Lisbon Airport is a few kilometers away from the airport, but offers a shuttle and decent 3-star standard. Also, one should not forget that the Lisbon International Airport is located not far away from the city center which means sleeping at a hotel in the city is not a problem as well.

Hotel Overview:

  • TRYP Lisbon Airport Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Express Lisbon Airport

Lounges at Lisbon International Airport

As a big transfer airport, the Lisbon Portela Airport got several lounges that provide passengers with free drinks, snacks and comfortable seating. The main lounge is the TAP Premium Lounge located airside at terminal 1. It’s open from 5 am to midnight and may be used by all Star Alliance Gold members as well as business class passengers of Star Alliance airlines. Moreover, there is an ANA Lounge (Landside) that may be used by British Airways passengers, the Blue Lounge (Iberia passengers) and the Lisbon Lounge (US Airways, American Airlines) for oneworld business class passengers or frequent flyers. SkyTeam also uses the Blue Lounge and the Lisbon Lounge, but also the Air France Lounge (landside). Last but not least, passengers that are neither flying business class nor have a frequent flyer status may access the Blue Lounge (Terminal 1&2), Lisbon Lounge or the ABC Business Center either with a Priority Pass card or for an extra fee (ranging from 25 to 30 Euro per person).

Lounge Overview:

  • TAP Premium Lounge (Star Alliance only)
  • ANA Lounge (British Airways)
  • Blue Lounge (Iberia, SkyTeam, external guests)
  • Lisbon Lounge (US Airways, American Airlines, SkyTeam airlines, external guets)
  • ABC Business Center (External guests)

Transportation at Lisbon International Airport

At the Lisbon Portela Airport there are different possibilities to reach the city center. Apart from all major car rental agencies, there are also metered taxis. These may also bring passengers to Sintra or Cascais for a slightly higher fare. Moreover, Lisbon got a very good public transportation system. The “Metro de Lisboa” connects the airport with the city center in just 16 minutes (Red Line) and crosses all other metro lines, making it easy to exchange to reach every destination in the city center.


Also, there are several bus lines connecting the airport with different destinations in Lisbon. Last but not least, it’s worth a mention that there are also two bicycle paths that connect the airport with the city center – rental is also available. For sportive passengers, this may be an interesting alternative.


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  2. Very useful information! I’ll be in Lisbon next week. By the way my flight back is very early in the morning. Can I sleep in the airport?

    • Thanks a lot! As I mentioned in the guide, it’s a little tough sleeping at the airport. There are some “lounging chairs”, but they are not really made for sleeping. If it’s just a short layover, it may be okay to just sleep on one of the chairs, but for a longer night stay, I’d definitely recommend to get a hotel.

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