City Culture: Geneva

Switzerland is a special case in every regard. The Swiss city Geneva evolved to a financial capital. But it’s not the responsibility in terms of money which excels Geneva in the first place as it is also a capital for culture and arts. Several museums, parks and even offers for the disabled make Geneva a very interesting place to go.

Museums in Geneva

Hardly any city has such a quantity of museums to offer. Galleries as well as private and public museums enrich the culture of Geneva to its utmost. The variety of themes the museums show or deal with is spectacular: From Swiss wine and ceramics (Musée Ariana) to arts and history (MAH), from the ethnology of Geneva (MEG) to the history of sciences. These are just a few examples for public museums in Geneva.

University of Geneva

University of Geneva

However, this is by far not everything which can be found in Geneva. Founded or private galleries and museums broaden the diversity. For example, as Geneva is the capital for the international Red Cross, there is a museum about it. Moreover, other museums show topics like the Swiss in the World, deal with themes about society of the nations or a House about Rousseau and literature. Again, these are just a few examples, it would take days to list them all. Not to forget about several artistic centers!

Libraries in Geneva

Anyone who loves books will be in heaven or paradise in Geneva. The Swiss city hosts about 200 libraries with round about 8,3 million books! So, no matter what you are interested in, I’m sure one of the libraries in Geneva houses the according book. Science, international, specialized, encyclopedic, …

Music in Geneva

I figure that everyone is familiar with the term “La fête de la Musique”. Anyone surprised Geneva is regularly part of the spectacle? Of course, “normal” concerts take place as well. If you’re interested in going to one, the best way is to inform yourself which artist will have a concert anytime soon!

Special and unique offers in Geneva

Next to several parks which play an important role for the quality of life of the inhabitants or for the beauty of the city, Geneva even thinks of making itself attractive for people with handicaps! For example, if someone is blind, there are audio guides provided in the museums to make it possible to enjoy the visit paid without disadvantages!

Flower Clock which can be found in one of the several parks

Flower Clock which can be found in one of the several parks

Apart from all those things which make Geneva special, it is also recommendable to just stroll around and enjoy the flair of the Swiss city!


If you like to learn more about culture in other cities or to see more of Geneva, be sure to check it out!


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  1. I didn’t make it to Geneva when I was in Switzerland last summer – but I’ll be back. I fell in love with Switzerland. There is something magical about it.

    Your site is filled with a lot of great info for travels!

    • What a pity! Where have you been “instead”? About Geneva, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Maybe you’re also interested in reading the review I wrote? Oh, and thanks for you support and for stopping by!

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