Hotel Preview: Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa

In the Western world, the Chinese island Hainan is rarely known. Yet, it’s definitely worth to learn more about the area. It’s known for being an important touristic area with several hotels including the newly opened Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa that does not only have stunning rooms, but also beautiful beaches and enjoyable gardens. A really nice place to get some rest.

Shangri-La is known as one of the biggest hotel companies in Asia. While the group does only have few properties in the Western hemisphere, they are really present in Asia. The Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa on the Hainan Island is the newest of several properties in China, so fitting perfectly as an object for a hotel preview.

Stunning architecture in the lobby (Image Source: Shangri-La's Sanya Resort /

Stunning architecture in the lobby (Image Source: Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort /

It’s a place that’s inviting wealthy guests from China and other parts of the world alike. The resort is mainly aimed on families, offering water parks and other adventure activities. But there’s also enough space to just rest and enjoy some quality days without work.

Island Paradise with 340 rooms

The Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa is one of the bigger luxury hotels on the Hainan Island, offering a total of 340 rooms, divided into nine categories. The lowest room category, the so-called “Superior Room”, got amazing 54 square meters and offers all amenities demanding travelers may need, including a 40 inch flat screen television, WiFi and a fully stocked minibar.

Superior Room with sea view (Image Source: Shangri-La's Sanya Resort /

Superior Room with sea view (Image Source: Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort /

Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Family Rooms may either have mountain or sea view (for an extra charge). Whoever likes to have more space than in one of the rooms named (offering 54 to 64 square meters) may opt for a suite or even a villa.

Deluxe Room with twin beds (Image Source: Shangri-La's Sanya Resort /

Deluxe Room with twin beds (Image Source: Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort /

The biggest category, the so-called “Ocean Villa”, offers incredible 302 square meters to spread out – not to forget about the stunning sea views in this heavenly retreat at the Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort.

8000 square meters to relax

The big rooms in the luxurious Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa don’t look too spacious compared to what else is offered in the amazing resort. The recreation and enjoyment areas offer stunning 8.000 square meters of space. Families may enjoy the water park or the adventure area with their kids.

Water Park at the Shangri-La's Sanya Resort (Image Source: Shangri-La's Sanya Resort /

Water Park at the Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort (Image Source: Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort /

Couples searching for a romantic getaway may either opt for a spa treatment or enjoy some quality time at the beach (300 square meters). Also, there are several facilities making it possible to stay healthy and fit during vacation. For example, there are jogging and hiking trails, a football field and an archery range. At the Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort, there is nothing you may miss.

Six restaurants and food for every taste

The Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort wouldn’t be a luxury hotel if it didn’t offer decent food. With six restaurants spread around the resort, guests will always find the perfect place to either have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Due to the size of the area, guests also have the chance to try different tastes.

Stylish buffet restaurant (Image Source: Shangri-La's Sanya Resort /

Stylish buffet restaurant (Image Source: Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort /

While four of six restaurants offer international delights, two are dedicated to local food. The “S.E.A.” and the “Kon Tiki” are inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asian and Polynesian cuisine. Especially for international travelers, a lunch or dinner at one of the named restaurants may be a real experience. The quality of food at the same time is really high in all food & beverage outlets spread around the luxury resort.

Surprisingly fair prices for an amazing resort

After reading all this and seeing these pictures, you may expect to see this hotel preview ending with high prices. In the case of the Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort, you are wrong. The hotel charges only 1.000 RMB (~ 140 Euro / 160 US-Dollar) excluding tax and service for the superior room in off season. In high season (summer) the rates start at 1.200 RMB (~170 Euro / 190 US-Dollar).

One of the large pools at the resort (Image Source: Shangri-La's Sanya Resort /

One of the large pools at the resort (Image Source: Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort /

Sea view comes with an extra charge of at least 150 RMB (~ 20 Euro / 25 US-Dollar), so do breakfast and other meal planes. Due to that, an inclusive stay may be way more expensive than just 1.000 RMB a night, but the entry prices for the Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort are really fair – especially compared with other resorts in this area.

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