Airline Review: Etihad Airways (long haul Business)

Etihad Airways (EY) is known for providing a really special service. When flying Business Class for the very first time, I was a little disappointed as the service was really good, but not as special as I hoped it would be. The sleeper service aboard a Boeing 777 from Abu Dhabi to Jakarta was nice as the seat is extremely comfortable and the food was really good, but apart from that, I was missing “a special touch”.

When departing from Abu Dhabi, you’ll have the pleasure to enjoy the Etihad Airways Lounge (either on Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 – we’ll release reviews for both soon).

  • Airplane: Boeing 777-300ER (Two Class Cofiguration)
  • Cabin Class: Business
  • Daytime: Evening/Morning
  • Food: Snack/Breakfast
  • Seat Pitch: 73 Inch (185 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 20 Inch (51 Centimeter)

Each of these is incredible good as you do not only get amazing seating and a rich choice of food, but also a massage for free. With a relaxed back, it is always easier to start your journey.

Exclusive amenity kit for Business Class passengers

Exclusive amenity kit for Business Class passengers

Anyway, the boarding process was not really comfortable. Bus boarding takes very long and means that you need a long transfer from the terminal to the airplane. When arrived at the airplane, we were allowed to board first.

Wet Tower after depature

Wet Towel after departure

When seated, we were offered a nice welcome drink (not only orange juice and champagne, but also a very interesting drink with a green color).

Very comfortable seating and a snack

After departure, Business Class passengers flying Etihad Airways got the pleasure to be offered another drink of choice.

Modern cabin lights for a better atmosphere

Modern cabin lights for a better atmosphere

On our sleeper service, there was no meal planned for the time after departure. Anyway, I decided to take the chips of the dining anytime menu (you can choose from that one if you want a snack or a meal anytime of the flight).

When not being larger than 180 cm, you'll be able to lie fully flat

When not being larger than 185 cm, you’ll be able to lie fully flat

The seating meanwhile is a pleasure as you may choose between the upright position, different styles of a lounging position and a full flat bed. The upright position is not extremely comfortable, but the lounging and sleeping options on the Business Class seat are actually very good.

Moreover, there is a massage function that makes your time sitting or lounging even more relaxing. Even though we experienced some turbulences, we both had a very good sleep. So, thumbs up for the seat!

Choice of sweet or hearty breakfast

Our flight took about eight hours, so it was time to have breakfast two hours before landing.

Little snack in the evening

Little snack in the evening

We were awakened pretty kind by the stewardesses. As we pre-ordered breakfast after departure, we just had to sit there and wait for a moment.

Large and tasty breakfast

Large and tasty breakfast

The breakfast was served soon and came with freshly squeezed orange juice and an amazing smoothie. As main dishes we chose the fresh fruits and the hot Bircher Muesli. The fruits were a little boring, the Bircher Muesli was great.

The granola, the croissants and the bread were very good as well. Even though I’m not a breakfast guy, I loved the food offered by Etihad in Business Class.

Good service and a pleasant overall experience with Etihad Airways

Be it for breakfast or at any time of the flight: The service of the Etihad Airways crew was really good all the time.

Hot drinks are always served in a tray with a piece of chocolate

Hot drinks are always served in a tray with a piece of chocolate

Anyway, I kind of expected a more personal and friendly touch. The service was extremely professional and fast, but I missed the “smile”. Apart from that, I can fully recommend flying with Etihad Airways in Business Class.

Even the food (airplane food is not really my biggest love) was amazing, so is the modern and comfortable seat that offers a solid amount of space for putting all your belongings. On the sleeper service I did only test the IFE for a few minutes, but the choice was amazing as well.

Bathroom amenities were a little boring

Bathroom amenities were a little boring

The screen is big enough in my opinion. So is there anything negative? No, not really. You’ll definitely enjoy flying with Etihad Airways in Business Class!


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    • It was an absolutely great experience. Even me, someone who can’t sleep on flights at all, was able to catch some hours of sleep on these seats 🙂

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    • Crazy. In the lounge, there is so much food, you wouldn’t expect that they don’t have enough in the airplane. It was about eight hours if I’m not mistaken, I think that they tried their best to let people sleep due to the departure time. Everybody was able to order something to eat after departure, but pretty much everybody wanted to sleep instead 😉

  3. I was travelling solo this time from India to Abu Dhabi and I took the business class.. Earlier I had taken the Business Class in Emirates to Dubai but it was ok and expected a bit more from Emirates. But I was totally in love with the business class in Ettihad. Maybe because it was a night flight and I got the window seat that had absolute privacy? Whatever it was, our stewardness was all smilly. :D. I could relate a lot to this post Mortiz.

    • Hey Shilpa, great to hear that you are experience was such a pleasure. I absolutely loved the kindness of the flight attendants when flying Etihad. I would have wish that the flights would have lasted longer 🙂

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