Luxembourg: Le Royal Hotel

Great weather, beautiful city, wonderful welcome present – Le Royal Hotel Luxembourg made us enjoy the first hours in Luxembourg even more! But it’s not only the overwhelming welcome treatment, but also the room which looks really promising!



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  1. It’s such a nice hotel! Went there for an event once though and their vegetarian option wasn’t very good at all! Other than that it’s amazing!

    • Their “vegetarian option” consists of noodles, right? Or did you get anything else? We’re pretty satisfied, but I have to struggle with the internet sometimes – any experiences in this regard?

      • Yeah after spending 80 euro for the meal, everyone else received steak and I got some pasta with like 6 small pieces of vegetables in olive oil!!!! Crazy! Can’t help with the internet but remember that the reception were EXTREMELY helpful!

      • OMG! Seriously?! Yes that’s absolutely true! And a big plus: French, Englisch, German – almost everyone fluent in every language!

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