Hotel Review: Scandic Hotel Europa Gothenburg

Not every stay in a hotel can fully satisfy a traveler. When we stayed at the Scandic Hotel Europa Gothenburg, we had the misfortune to deal with rude staff and a crowded hotel. The facilities of the hotel are pretty okay or maybe even good for a four star property, but apart from that, nothing was of high quality. Sadly, our first visit to a Scandic Hotel was hardly satisfying.

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When we visited Gothenburg, we were kind of unlucky with the date. Due to a sports congress, many hotels were fully booked.

  • Classification: Four Star
  • Room Category: Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: November

We decided to spend the night at the four star property Scandic Hotel Europa. Having some decent reviews, we expected a solid experience at the hotel – something to write a nice hotel review about. We were happy that the hotel has such a good location, being situated right across the central station.

Welcome to the overcrowded luggage storage room

Welcome to the overcrowded luggage storage room

Sadly, this was the only thing that made us happy in our first hours at the Scandic. When we entered (it was 12 am), the lobby was extremely crowded. We waited full 15 minutes to even speak to a receptionist.

She told us that our room is not ready, but it will definitely be at three, maybe even earlier. Absolutely fine as the check-in time is three o’clock.

No room, no excuse, no friendliness

We came back to the hotel at 4 pm after exploring the city and waited another 10 minutes to speak with someone of the reception again. We didn’t even think that the room may not be ready, but it was not. That said, I expected something like an excuse.

The small room we finally got after waiting for hours

The small room we finally got after waiting for hours

Did we get one? No, the receptions answered rude that this is not her problem and we should come back later. That customer service. Surprisingly, the room was ready when we returned another time at 6 pm. We checked-in with another receptionist who was really nice (I’m serious!). Usually, we are discussing the room in this part of our hotel reviews, but as the check-in experience was the worst I’ve ever experienced in a hotel, it was worth a longer description.

Moreover, the room is nothing to lose many words about. As requested, it was far away from the elevator and calm. Yet, it was really small, not really cozy and a little boring – nothing to write home about.

Good gym at the Scandic Hotel Europa

Even though we were not any pleased with the Scandic Hotel Europa Gothenburg at first, we tried to make the best of our stay and test the facilities.

I decided to work-out in the gym that evening (due to the late check-in it was already late) and the machines and free weights in the fitness center really satisfied me, so thumbs up for the gym.

Pool at the Scandic Hotel Europa Gothenburg

Pool at the Scandic Hotel Europa Gothenburg

Besides, it is a nice touch that the hotel also got a pool. Yet, this one is located right next to the gym and does not really offer a cozy atmosphere – good for a short swim, but no place to spend time and recreate after a long day in the city.

Disappointment in the morning

After we inspected the facilities, our opinion about the newest Scandic hotel in Gothenburg (there are many) went up.

Totally crowded breakfastarea

Totally crowded breakfast area

Sadly, the breakfast the next morning kind of ruined our experience once again. It’s worth a mention in this hotel review that we hardly got any table at breakfast.

Our first impression of the breakfast wasn't too bad

Our first impression of the quality and choice at breakfast wasn’t too bad

Looking for a breakfast in a four star hotel where you have to find a free spot at a table with others?

Well, you are at the right spot at the Scandic Hotel Europa. After we found a table after some minutes, we went to the buffet. It was neither rich nor of good quality.

Sadly, the quality was not satisfying (hot dishes were not even hot)

Sadly, the quality was not satisfying (hot dishes were not even hot)

The choice is okay, but it’s nothing but mass treatment. Tons of scrambled eggs, tons of cheese, tons of ham and hundreds of people besieging the buffet. Orange juice comes out of a huge machine, really classy.

Disappointing time at the Scandic Hotel Europa

After breakfast, we were kind of sick of the hotel. Yet, we had a late flight, so we decided to ask for late check-out nevertheless. The rude receptionist, this time less rude, told us that late check-out wouldn’t be a problem as “we are too busy at the moment anyway”. Well, a really interesting reason to let us check-out late, but you take what you get. Overall, our stay was a real disappointment.

The public areas and most facilities at the Scandic Hotel Europa Gothenburg do look good, but the overall experience was disappointing nevertheless

The public areas and most facilities at the Scandic Hotel Europa Gothenburg do look good, but the overall experience was disappointing nevertheless

The Scandic Hotel Europa in Gothenburg deserved its four stars for just three reasons: Solid facilities, okay rooms and an amazing location. The staff (one exception) was a disaster, the breakfast was worse than in most three or even two star properties and the waiting times at reception and breakfast were horrible. In summary, we advise against staying at the Scandic Europa when visiting Gothenburg. There are many better choices in the city.

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  3. Very good review, thank you! I’ll be staying there this weekend, so we’ll see how I experience it. 🙂

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