City History: Geneva

The Swiss city Geneva and the Roman Emperor Julius Cesar do have something in common. First of all, everyone knows these two names. But what rarely anyone knows is the fact that Geneva first appeared in a written document in the times of the reign of Julius Cesar. After that, the Swiss city underwent many changes, was independant and thus has a rich history, which I will point out in here.

The origin of Geneva goes back to Julius Cesar. It was mentioned for the first time in Cesar’s Gallic wars. Much has happened since then. Geneva was in power of the Germanic Burgundians, who even made „Genava“ their capital. Moreover, Geneva had the pleasure to be the seat of the Bishop for more than 1000 years! It ended with the reformation.

The cathedrale St. Pierre, most important church in Geneva

The cathedrale St. Pierre the most important church in Geneva

And the reformation of Geneva has a name: Jean Calvin. With him, Geneva established itself being a centre of Protestantism in Europe. With that, an influx of refugees came hand in hand. With them, the cultural and economique origin kind of found a home. This development is one of the main reasons for Geneva’s rich culture and economique responsibility nowadays. Moreover, these refugees are probably the reason for the successful jewelry and watchmaking Switzerland is famous for.

The reformation wall reminds of the city's history

The reformation wall reminds of the city’s history

Everyone knows Geneva is in Switzerland. But that hasn’t always been the case. Back in 1602, the city fought back the Duke of Savoy and was thus a small city state, independant. I guess the reason for Geneva being a French speaking Canton is caused by its occupation during the French revolution in 1798. However, it became part of the united Switzerland in 1815.

Nowadays, part of Switzerland

Nowadays, part of Switzerland

Reminding of the Union

Reminding of the Union

In the 20th century, Geneva was the city in which the International Red Cross found a home. This is just one example for many organizations which contributed to its nowadays international reputation.

Financial Capital

Financial Capital


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