Airline Review: Brussels Airlines (regional Economy)

Brussels Airlines (SN) is known for connecting the capital of Belgium with many cities in Europe and the world. We had the pleasure to try Brussels Airlines on the route from Lisbon to Brussels. In the basic economy class fare, there is no food included. Anyway, we decided to purchase some. A good decision as the food was the most enjoyable part of the flight.

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Lisbon to Brussels is not the shortest domestic flight, but for an airline review that’s not a bad thing at all.

  • Airplane: Airbus A320
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Afternoon
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17,5 Inch (44 Centimeter)

That said, we were able to test the seats on a longer route. In our opinion, Brussels wasn’t lucky to have us onboard on such a route as the seats get a little uncomfortable after two hours. The level of service meanwhile was pretty basic, food was great though.

Normal seat pitch and few comfort

Brussels Airlines and most other carriers that are affiliated with Lufthansa have pretty similar seats. They look extremely light and thin.

The seats and clean and comfortable for a short flight

The seats are clean and comfortable for a short flight

Surprisingly, the Brussels Airlines seats in the Airbus A320 were pretty comfortable at the beginning, especially because everything looked clean. The seat pitch is nothing to write home about, but it was not too bad either.

The leg room is neither good nor bad

The leg room is neither good nor bad

The seat width also is normal, so you feel neither cramped nor extremely comfortable while in the air. Even though our first impression was good, the quality of seating got worse when seating for a longer time.

Flying more than two hours on these seats is not really comfortable, but shorter routes may not be a problem at all. A funny note: When flying TAP Portugal from Berlin to Lisbon, we were welcomed by a chewing gum on our seat.

Our "friend" and companion: Chewing Gum

Our “friend” and companion: Chewing Gum

On the route back with Brussels Airlines, we were “lucky” enough to have another disgusting chewing gum as a seat companion.

Good food for a fair price

Even though the basic economy class fare of Brussels Airlines does neither include drinks nor food, we decided to try some to make our airline review complete. At first glance, the sandwich ordered looked pretty good.

Sandwich and drinks

Sandwich and drinks

With the first bite, I was sure that it was the right decision to try something of the “Brussels Café”. The quality, the size and the taste – everything was really good in my opinion. The prices, so way higher than when buying a sandwich at a bakery, weren’t crazy – more or less what you have to pay at all shops at an airport.

Tasty and rich sandwich

Tasty and rich sandwich

Drinks, especially considering that they are small, are a little overpriced. But apart from that, I’d recommend to grab a snack when flying Brussels Airlines. I was really surprised high above the clouds.

Inflight magazine and electronic newspapers

As most European domestic carriers, Brussels Airlines does not offer any specific entertainment. On the routes we flew (Lisbon – Brussels and Brussels – Berlin), there were no physic newspapers offered. Yet, you are able to download one or another local newspaper (available in French, Dutch and Flemish) on the day of departure. Apart from that, there is an inflight magazine waiting for you on your seat.

High quality inflight magazine

High quality inflight magazine

There are also shared screens with some basic entertainment you may use with headphones you brought with you. All in all, a pretty solid entertainment. The only thing I really missed for a domestic flight were international newspapers in paper or electronic fashion.

Get a good price and enjoy Brussels Airlines

Airline reviews for European carriers on domestic routes sound pretty similar at most times. In my opinion, the summary is the most important part. For Brussels Airlines, this one is pretty positive as the Star Alliance carrier offers a very good on-board product. The only weaknesses are the missing international newspapers and the seats that are getting uncomfortable after two hours. Many things are pretty basic, but others are really good as well. The food, the entertainment and the cleanliness (apart from the chewing gum) all satisfied us. Especially considering that Brussels Airlines offers its basic fare (excluding food, drinks and luggage) extremely cheap, I’d definitely fly with Brussels again!

Note: The header image shows an Airbus A319; the Image Source is the Brussels Airlines Press Room.

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    • Thanks for sharing. Really interesting to learn more about their business class. Flying in a premium class always is something. Great to hear that you enjoyed your flight to JFK 🙂

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