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The Polish city Gdansk is an absolutely beautiful one. Especially the “Stare Miasto” is really worth seeing. Next to strolling in the Stare Miasto, doing so at the waterfront promenade is really nice as well. It might be true that visiting Gdansk is not something to do sight-hopping like in cities as London, Paris or San Francisco for example, but the flair of the Polish city really makes it unique – even on a rainy day.

So far, we were always lucky with the weather. But not on these days in January in Gdansk. It was cold and it was rainy. So, right at the beginning: I’m sorry for raindrops on the camera lens, which can be seen by huge circles in the picture. Anyway, we started our Gdansk-experience at the Mercure Hotel, which made it especially easy for us to reach the Stare Miasto (Old Town) within just minutes on foot.

The Mercure in which we spent our first night

The Mercure in which we spent our first night

The Old Town of Gdansk is beautiful, and this is no secret. If you were not able to recognize its importance for Gdansk, you’ll see it with a look at the prices for sure – they’re way higher than anywhere else in the city and really exaggerated for Poland. A true tourist attraction so to say. Just convince yourself:

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Out of the Old Town, it’s not difficult to find the “Mottlau”, the river passing through Gdansk. The promenade is beautiful as well, accordingly high are the prices for Poland. We took a seat in the Segafredo Café near the Hilton we stayed at the second night. Both, the Hilton Gdansk and the Segafredo Café, are worth a recommendation!

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Apart from the Stare Miasto (Polish for Old Town) and the Promenade, we enjoyed strolling through other parts of the city. There are not many more attractions that you really need to visit. Anyway, there are some really nice buildings, you’ll see when walking around in the city center. For example, Gdansk has some churches. We found one of them!

Sta. Catherine's Church Gdansk

Sta. Catherine’s Church Gdansk

Moreover, Gdansk is a beautiful town to just stroll around and discover new things. We found a market and a building with a huge astrological painting. On one bridge are many locks, in the background there can be seen a lovely little “castle”. Furthermore, we saw a statue and a building at the place where we found the astrological painting.

A little bit in the smaller streets, we also found a construction side or simply ruins, this wasn’t too obvious when we passed by. But we were sure the heavy wind blew away the screening wall the night before.

Ruins/Construction Side?

Ruins/Construction Side?

What we found really cute were some “lions” lying on a place in front of a building.

All in all, I will always remember Gdansk, although or because of the bad weather. So, that’s what I can say, now it’s up to you to discover the lovely Polish city Gdansk! It’s definitely worth checking out the lovely old town of Gdansk.


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  1. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never actually heard of this place! It looks beautiful though, very different from a lot of other big European cities I’ve visited… it’s on the list!

    • Believe me, there are many places out there I’ve never heard of before and which are, according to other (travelers), an absolutely must-visit and well-known place. Oops .. well, can happen 🙂 Glad I could show you this one!

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