Looking back on week 25

Last week, we released several new posts on many different topics. You are interested in cities, hotels, airlines or lounges? Be sure to check out our look back as we got posts for every taste including previews of amazing hotels and reviews of lovely cities like Gdansk!

To start the week, we released a guide about transportation in Geneva. Be sure to check it out before visiting the beautiful city in Switzerland!

Most buses are very modern as well

Not our best hotel experience yet, but an interesting stay nevertheless. Our review of the disappointing Scandic Hotel Europa in Gothenburg!

Welcome to the overcrowded luggage storage room

Sightseeing and running at the same time? With our guide you can make that happen in Berlin!


When you really want to explore a city, it’s crucial to learn more about its history. We summed up all necessary information about Geneva!

The reformation wall reminds of the city's history

Prague is a great city to experience luxury for a fair price. The Mark in Prague is not the cheapest hotel, yet an amazing one. Our preview.

Like a suite: The Grand Deluxe Room at The Mark (Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

(Image Source: The Leading Hotels of the World /

Before driving to Heiligendamm, we decided to spend a night at Hotel Palace in Berlin. Some impressions.

Welcome Treatment

Brussels Airlines is one of the cheaper Star Alliance carriers. We think that the airline is really good nevertheless.

Sandwich and drinks

Not really cheap, but amazing in many regards: The Park Hyatt New York that opened in August 2014.

Time for sports! The Park Hyatt got a pool on the 25th floor (Image Source: Park Hyatt New York /

(Image Source: Park Hyatt New York /

On Friday, we arrived in Heiligendamm. The first impressions of our lovely room!


The airport in Geneva is a really nice one. Your flight experience may even get better when you have lounge access. Our review of the Swiss Business Class Lounge!

International and national newspapers are available

Hardly any city in Eastern Europe is known to be as beautiful as Gdansk. Our latest city review with dozens of pictures!

The "Brama Zielona": Impressive entrance to the Stare Miasto

Big in many regards. When flying with Etihad Airways, you’ll be happy to have a guide for the Abu Dhabi International Airport!


In Kuala Lumpur, the waterfall does not freeze. However, we took this photo back in summer.



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