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If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Berlin, there is one name that will instantly come to your mind: The Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin. Reopened in the late 20th century, the Grand Dame of Berlin stands for pure luxury and great food. When we stayed at the Adlon, not everything was perfect, but the overall experience was really good. Have a look and enjoy our hotel review of the renowned Hotel Adlon.

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There are several things that need to be said about the Adlon, but the first thing that is worth a mention definitely is the location. When we arrived at the hotel, we were astonished by the fact that the hotel is located literally next to the Brandenburg Gate.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: January

Due to the unique location, there is rarely any traffic at one of the streets around the Adlon, making the hotel a really calm oasis in the heart of Berlin. Even though our early check-in did not really work out, we were given our room 30 minutes prior the normal check-in time.

The location of the Adlon Kempsinki could hardly be any better

The location of the Adlon Kempsinki could hardly be any better

Lucky as we are, we also got an upgrade to a lovely Junior Suite – always a great start for a hotel review.

Spacious, traditional and luxurious

At the Adlon Kempinski Hotel in Berlin, there are several different room categories.

Our Junior Suite for example did not have a great view, but there are two other types of Junior Suites that are facing either the boulevard “Unter den Linden” or the Brandenburg Gate.

Our view was a little boring

Our view was a little boring

Apart from the view, the room was really nice. The size of the room was just right, the bed was comfortable and the bathroom was absolutely luxurious with a detached shower, a detached toilet, a big bathtub and two sinks.

Also, there are many amenities of highest quality. All in all, everything in the room was really nice, but the style of the interior is traditional. If you are looking for modern interior, the Adlon Kempinski may not be the perfect choice.

Two little weaknesses in my opinion are the missing coffee and tea making facilities and the small television that’s a little outdated.

World Class breakfast at the Adlon Berlin

Talking about food at the Adlon Kempinski Hotel is not really easy. There are so many different opportunities to grab a bite that it’s tough to rate the overall experience. One thing we’ll keep in mind is the breakfast.

Even though not served at the lovely restaurant with a view on the Brandenburg Gate that morning, it was a breakfast of highest quality. I’m not sure whether I wrote that good things about any breakfast in a hotel review yet, but the one of the Adlon definitely deserves the praising!

Really unique: Caviar at the breakfast buffet of the Adlon Kempinski

Really unique: Caviar at the breakfast buffet of the Adlon Kempinski

The buffet consisted of everything you may think or dream of including caviar, salmon and champagne.

Eggs and other warm dishes are freshly cooked

Eggs and other warm dishes are freshly cooked

The service was quick and friendly, but seating in the Sra Bua Restaurant that morning was just average.

Highest quality in all regards

Not only breakfast, but also the other food we enjoyed while staying at the Adlon in Berlin is worth a mention. As every good luxury hotel, the Adlon Kempinski offers 24 hours room service. We took the opportunity to order something special: An Arabic Menu.

Vegetable curry we enjoyed at the Spa Bar of the Adlon

Vegetarian curry we enjoyed at the Spa Bar of the Adlon

That one is not cooked in the hotel, but by a renowned restaurant in Berlin. It’s delivered by room service nevertheless. Even though they were pretty expensive, the delights tasted really good. Yet, the presentation was a little downer in my opinion. We moreover enjoyed two different dishes, a vegetable curry and a Panino at the Spa bar.

Fresh and tasty panini

Fresh and tasty paninio

Both dishes were richer than expected and also tasted great. If you are instead looking for eating in a restaurant, you are the right place at the Adlon Hotel as well. Both restaurants, the Lorenz Adlons Esszimmer and the Sra Bua, got award-winning chefs.

Great relaxation at the Adlon Berlin

As we went to Berlin mainly to relax, we took some time to check out the leisure facilities at the Adlon. There a two different Spa areas, one for massages and treatments and one with a pool, saunas, a gym, a lounging area, a Jacuzzi and the Spa bar.

Pool at the Adlon Spa

Pool at the Adlon Spa

I have to admit that our first impression of the area wasn’t too good as it was very crowded the first afternoon.

Jacuzzi at the Adlon Kempinski

Jacuzzi at the Adlon Kempinski

The area is a little small for the number of rooms in the Adlon Kempinski, but if there are not many people, it’s really enjoyable. All facilities are of highest quality and everything is extremely calm.

Lounging area

Lounging area

After writing many hotel reviews about luxury hotels in metropolises, I can safely say that the Hotel Adlon in Berlin offers one of the best spa areas for a city hotel in the world.

Newspapers are available in the Spa for free

Newspapers are available in the Spa for free

It may not be comparable to holiday resorts, but it’s a perfect area to relax after working for many hours or a shopping trip through Berlin.

The perfect luxury hotel for a getaway in Berlin

The Adlon Kempinski is a real paradise in the heart of Berlin. Yet, it’s tough to give a recommendation in this hotel review. The Adlon is way more expensive than most other five star hotels in Berlin. It definitely is better than most of the others, but does that justify a price difference of 100 to 200 Euro a night?

In the Spa of the Adlon, fruits and tasty water are awaiting you

In the Spa of the Adlon, fruits and tasty water are awaiting you

I’d say it is, but only when you will have enough time to savor the facilities of the Adlon. Last but not least, it’s important to mention that the service at the Kempinski property is outstanding. Everyone tries his or her best to make you feel comfortable. When staying at the Adlon, you won’t like to leave again.

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