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As the second biggest city in Switzerland, Geneva got an important airport that is used by several international carriers. Swiss International Airlines as well as EasyJet got a hub at the Geneva International Airport. While Swiss is shifting its focus on its main hub, Zurich, EasyJet is extending its operations each year. To get a good overview about the Geneva Airport, be sure to read our extensive airport guide!

Initially build in 1919, Geneva Airport reached new heights last year. In 2014, it served more than 15 million passengers. Most of these used one of the two big carriers operating from Geneva Airport: Swiss International Airlines and EasyJet. Both are operating from Terminal 1. So do all other carriers during most of the time of the year.

Overall a good experience

Swiss is the major carrier at Geneva Airport

Terminal 2, the second terminal at Geneva Airport, is only used during the Winter Charter Season. As there is only one runway at Geneva International Airport, there are limited departing and landing capacities. Due to that, only the shrinking Etihad Regional has a small hub next to the bigger ones of EasyJet and Swiss at the airport. Other international airlines are connecting Geneva with intercontinental destinations like Beijing, New York or Washington D.C.

Shopping and eating at Geneva Airport

Though having only one terminal, shopping at the Geneva International Airport is really enjoyable. There are several shops landside and airside. Most of those are shops in the high price segment as Geneva is known for being a really rich city. Yet, passengers will find everything they need as many major brands got shops at the airport. Same goes for eating at the Geneva Airport.

Duty Free shops are available at different locations at the airport

Duty Free shops can be found at different locations at the airport

There are major fast food chains as well as local restaurants present. The price level, once again, is really high. Food in Switzerland is expensive in general, but at the airport in particular. For passengers interested in Duty Free Shopping, there are several bigger and smaller shops on different spots in the terminal (airside).

Sleeping at Geneva Airport

The biggest airport in Switzerland, Zurich International Airport, is known for offering its guests different opportunities for a good sleep when having a layover or anything alike. The Geneva International Airport does not offer similar facilities. Passengers may either stay at one of the benches that are everywhere throughout airport or opt for a hotel in the approximate area.


We spent the night at the Moevenpick and liked the hotel

As Geneva is a really expensive city, airport hotels are everything but cheap. There are different hotels of all categories, including an ibis (2 stars), the Nash Airport (3 stars), the Trente-Trois (3 stars), the Crowne Plaza (4 stars) and the Moevenpick Hotel (5 stars) located less than one kilometer from the airport. Prices usually start at 100 Euro a night for the cheaper hotels and 200 Euro a night for the 5-star Moevenpick.

Lounges at Geneva Airport

At the Geneva International Airport, there are five major lounges available for passengers of all airlines. The Swiss Business and First Class Lounge may be used by Star Alliance passengers holding a frequent flyer card or flying premium class. The Air France Lounge is available for passengers using a SkyTeam airline and the British Airways Lounge may be accessed when flying with an oneworld airline.

Comfortable seating in the Swiss Lounge in Geneva

The Swiss Lounge at Geneva Airport is really modern

Criteria for entrance is either a frequent flyer card or a premium class ticket. In addition, there are two private lounges at the Geneva International Airport. The Salon Skyview Lounge and the Salon Horizon may be accessed either by paying a fee (35 CHF per passenger), via Priority Pass or when holding a premium class ticket / frequent flyer membership of independent airlines like Emirates or Etihad.

Overview of the lounges in Geneva:

  • Swiss Business/First Class Lounge (Star Alliance)
  • Air France Lounge (SkyTeam)
  • British Airways Lounge (oneworld)
  • Swissport Horizon Lounge (independent)
  • Salon Skyview Lounge (independent)

Transportation at Geneva Airport

While not being the best airport for an overnight connection, the Geneva International Airport definitely is unbeatable when it comes to public transportation. Passengers arriving at Geneva Airport may use a free ticket for the public transportation (valid for 80 minutes) and get to the city center in just six minutes via train connection to Geneve-Cornavin (city center).

Most buses are very modern as well

Public transportation in Geneva is a perfect way to get from the airport to the city center

Moreover, there are seven different bus lines that are connecting the airport with different parts of the city. As the Geneva Airport is located just five kilometers outside the city center, all buses reach major destinations in just a few minutes. Moreover, taxis and rental cars are available at the airport. Taking the public transportation is way cheaper nevertheless as taxis are really expensive in Geneva.

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