Transportation in Gothenburg

Public transportation in Gothenburg is not only important for tourists, but also for the inhabitants of the Swedish city. As many streets in the city center are closed for cars, the importance of the tram is enormous. Not any surprisingly, Gothenburg got one of the biggest tram networks in Europe. With 200 vehicles on 160 kilometers of rail, the tram is also the most important means of transport in Gothenburg.

Transportation in Gothenburg is not necessarily difficult for tourists. Information are available in Swedish and English alike. Tickets for public transportation are available in trams, buses and ships (these play an important role in Gothenburg) as well and on different stations throughout the city. The prices are quite high compared to other international cities.

Trams in Gothenburg

Transportation in Gothenburg with trains is pretty easy. There are currently 12 tram lines in regular use. Moreover, there is a new line in building and two event lines that are operating only on special days.

Some trams are really modern...

Some trams in Gothenburg are really modern…

Most of these are either connecting the Northern parts of the city with the Southern ones or the Western ones with the Eastern ones. If you are not sure which line you have to take, it is recommendable to get to the station Brunnsparken. This one is located in the city center and is the main hub for all trams in Gothenburg. The only exceptions are the lines 8 and 13, all other regular lines pass the Brunnsparken station.

... and others are a little older

… and others are a little older

Moreover, the Central Station of Gothenburg also is a really important hub for the tram system. It’s also a connection point between the tram, the medium and long range train system and the bus system of Gothenburg.

Buses in Gothenburg

While many cities in Europe focus on buses to provide a good public transportation system, the focus in Gothenburg definitely is on the trams. Due to that, there are only few bus lines in the city center. All got numbers between 16 and 60. Pretty much every line is passing either the Central Station or Brunnsparken. Like that, it’s easy for passengers to interchange between buses and trams.

Buses in Gothenburg are modern and convenient

Buses in Gothenburg are modern and convenient

Both means of transport use the same ticketing system, making travel with both easy for tourists and inhabitants of Gothenburg alike. When it comes to buses, it’s also important to know that Sweden is a country where long distance buses play an important role in connecting the bigger cities with each other. The main hub for long distance buses is the Nils Ericson Terminal close to the Central Station (the airport buses are also arriving and departing here).

Taxis in Gothenburg

Due to the restrictions for cars in the city center of Gothenburg, taxis don’t play an important role in the transportation system of Gothenburg. All taxis in the Swedish city operate with a taximeter. The start fee for a taxi ride are 47 SEK (~ 5 Euro / 6 US-Dollar), every kilometer is charged 13.21 SEK (~ 1.4 Euro / 1.6 US-Dollar) or 15.44 SEK (~ 1.6 Euro / 1.8 US-Dollar) depending on the time of travel. Compared to the public transportation, taxis in Gothenburg are pretty expensive. Yet, taxi travel in Gothenburg is very comfortable and safe.

Other means of transport in Gothenburg

Apart from special tram lines like the one at Liseberg, Gothenburg is known for its ferry system. Boat transportation is of huge importance in Gothenburg as many islands and archipelagos are only reachable by boat. For tourists, the boat transportation is really interesting as the rides usually allow beautiful views of Gothenburg or the nature around the city.

The Liseberg line is one of the special tram lines in Gothenburg

The Liseberg line is one of the special tram lines in Gothenburg

Public transportation tickets are not only valid in trams and buses, but also on the boats. Last but not least, it’s worth a mention that the city of Gothenburg offers bicycles for rent. The first 30 minutes are always free, no matter how often a user rents a bike a day. For longer distances, there are small fares that may be paid with credit card.


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