Transportation in Malmö

Usually, our transportation guides are focusing on several different means of transportation. But when it comes to transportation in Malmö, it is pretty easy to sum up all major facts. The public transportation system in the Swedish city is organized by buses solely. Moreover, there are taxis and bicycles that both play an equally important role in Malmö.

As a small town, Malmö does not need as many public transportation routes like other cities. Yet, the city in the south of Sweden has really modern and convenient buses. If you need to get from A to B as a tourist, you’ll be happy to either board one of the buses or one of the safe taxis.

Regional trains serve cities around Malmö

Regional trains serve cities around Malmö

Moreover, bicycles are a really interesting option for tourists. If you are likely to explore more of the area around Malmö or make a day trip to either Stockholm, Gothenburg or Copenhagen, you may choose one of the trains departing at the Malmö main station.

Buses in Malmö

If you are looking for a bus in Malmö, you should keep the word Skånetrafiken in mind. This is the name of the company operating the transportation system in Malmö. Yet, it’s not tough to find a bus as most of those are green and shiny. But be aware, at first we thought the buses were trains till we discovered that the buses are just very modern and environmental friendly (see header image).

Buses in Malmö are modern and environmental friendly

Buses in Malmö are modern and environmental friendly

There are several bus lines that are all either going through the Central Station or the Gustav Adolf Square station. Most buses are stopping at both named stations. The network and the timing are really good, so you won’t have a problem coming from A to B in Malmö by bus. Tickets cost 22 SEK (~ 2.3 Euro / 2.6 US-Dollar) for a single journey and may only be purchased at machines.

Taxis in Malmö

The taxi system in Malmö is provided by several private companies. The city of Malmö supports Taxi Skåne, Taxi 97, Taxikurir and Limhamns Taxi. All of the named work with taximeters. Taxis are available pretty much everywhere around the city. If you want to be sure that you’ll get a taxi shortly, you may either call one or look out for a taxi at the Central Station. The base fare for taxis in Malmö is currently at 53 SEK (~5.6 Euro / 6.3 US-Dollar). Each extra kilometer is charged 9.6 SEK (~ 1 Euro / 1.1 US-Dollar). Using taxis in Malmö generally is very comfortable and extremely safe.

Other means of transport in Malmö

As Malmö isn’t a really big city, there are not many special means of transport. You may either opt for a rental car to explore the area around Malmö or organize a bicycle to explore the area in a more sportive way.

There are several parks where you can cycle in the nature

There are several parks where you can cycle in the nature

The Swedish city is known to be very bike-friendly with cycle-paths available throughout the city. Also, tourists may request a bicycle map to get more information about interesting routes in and around Malmö.


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