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The transportation system of Gdansk is everything but easy. Especially for tourists that don’t speak Polish, getting along with the public transport is a tough challenge. At least, public transportation in Gdansk is very cheap. Yet, there are not many ticket machines, so be aware that you can’t buy tickets everywhere. Our transportation guide helps you to come along in Gdansk!

Gdansk is one of the most beloved cities by tourists who are visiting Poland. Even though the city invested heavily in tourism, public transportation still is a little complicated. Overall, there are three means of transport that operate in the “normal” public transportation.

Commuter trains are connecting Gdansk with Gdynia and Sopot

Commuter trains are connecting Gdansk with Gdynia and Sopot

Those are trams, buses and commuter trains. The latter are connecting Gdansk with Sopot and Gdynia, the other big cities in the Gdansk area. Both are reachable by train very cheap as well as convenient in just a few minutes from the main train station of Gdansk.

Trams in Gdansk

The tram network of Gdansk consists of 12 lines in total. Yet, only 11 operate on a daily basis. Trams are the most important means of transport in Gdansk and make it possible to get from one point in the city to another one in just a few minutes. Yet, some tourist attractions are not reachable by tram as the core of the city center is a traffic-calmed area. If you want to visit more remote places in the Gdansk area, the trams are the most convenient means of transport.

Be ware that there are also some older trams still operating in Gdansk

Be aware that there are also some older trams still operating in Gdansk

Many of those are modern streetcars with disability access, yet there are still some older ones operating. Ticket machines are only available on the major stops like the central station. You may also buy tickets at kiosks close to stations, but be aware that you have to buy tickets before entering a tram. As you enter one, you need to validate your ticket which is valid for one hour.

Buses in Gdansk

A little more complicated than the tram network is transportation by bus. In most lines, stops are not announced, so you have to know where to exit before entering the bus. The ticket system is the same, yet there are way more bus lines than tram lines. That makes getting along with the system way tougher. It’s important to note that bus line 120 connects Gdansk with its airport.

Most buses, including the airport bus, are very modern

Most buses, including the airport bus, are modern

Be aware that the bus is not operating very frequently, especially on the weekend. Tickets for buses and trams cost 3.20 PLN (~ 0.75 Euro / ~ 0.85 US-Dollar) for a 60 minutes journey. Tickets with a longer duration are also available. 24 hour tickets cost 20 PLN (~ 4.8 Euro / 5.4 US-Dollar) and 72 hour tickets are available for 40 PLN (~ 9,6 Euro / 10.8 US-Dollar).

Taxis in Gdansk

Driving taxi in Gdansk nowadays is pretty save. There are also some “pirate taxis”, so be aware to just hop onto a regular one. Fares usually start at 7 PLN (~ 1.65 Euro / 1.90 US-Dollar). After the base fare, every further kilometer is charged 2.5 PLN (~ 0.6 Euro / 0.65 US-Dollar). Getting from the airport to Gdansk or the other way round usually costs around 80 PLN (~ 19 Euro / 21.5 US-Dollar) depending on where you are going exactly.  In general, driving taxi in Gdansk is very convenient, yet it is not as cheap anymore as some years ago.

  • Current base fare: 7 PLN (~ 1.65 Euro / 1.90 US-Dollar)
  • Current kilometer fare: 2.5 PLN (~ 0.6 Euro / 0.65 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Gdansk

Trains as named in the first chapter are important for getting from Gdansk to either Gdynia, Sopot or any other city in the region. There are also long distance trains to cities like Warsaw. An interesting way to get around in Gdansk are water trams.

In summer, water taxis are operating on the Mottlau

In summer, water taxis are operating on the Mottlau

They are only operating in summer (from May to September) and connect different parts of the city with each other. Moreover, water trams are going from Gdansk to nice beach spots in the area. Tickets are available for 10 PLN (~ 2.4 Euro / 2.7 US-Dollar) for a single journey.


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