Airline Review: Luxair (regional Economy)

As Europe based travelers, we always try to fly with one of the small regional carriers. One that has been on our airline review list for a long time is Luxair (LG). For our trip to Luxembourg, we decided to finally give Luxair a try. The experience aboard an Embraer 145 was a very pleasant one. Even in Economy Class you are served champagne. A real luxury experience.

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As Luxair is one of the smallest network carriers in Europe, we were really keen on finally getting an airline review done. What made us very happy as well was the fact that our flight from Berlin to Luxembourg was operated with an Embraer 145, one of the smallest regional jets operating for a non-private airline in Europe.

  • Airplane: Embraer 145
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Sandwich
  • Seat Pitch: 31 Inch (79 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17,3 Inch (44 Centimeter)

With just 49 seats, the atmosphere in the jet is very relaxed. It feels a little bit like flying in a private jet.

Leather seats with a solid seat pitch

Always a good thing to start an airline review with is the seat pitch provided by the airline. Due to only using 49 seats in the Embraer Jet, that one is really good. With 31 Inch (~ 79 Centimeter), the pitch is larger than the ones of most other carriers in Europe.

Moreover, the leather seats are really comfortable – neither too soft nor too hard. The seat width is quite normal. All in all, seats are good for a one hour flight, yet they are nothing fancy.

Good catering with a friendly touch

If I’m not mistaking, flying with the Embrear 150 was the first time in Europe where we had a flight with just a single flight attendant. The lady was really friendly and helpful. She managed everything from boarding over security to catering.

You may choose as many drinks as you want when flying Luxair

You may choose as many drinks (including champagne) as you want when flying Luxair

As the airplane wasn’t filled to the last seat, it was even possible to get a second or third drink on request. Catering is one of the most amazing things that I can write about in this airline review as Luxair really knows how to make guests feel comfortable.

Small, but very tasty sandwich

Small, but very tasty sandwich

Unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic (including champagne) beverages and a tasty handmade sandwich. There’s not much more you could have asked for on a regional flight. Remember, this is an Economy Class airline review!

A very pleasant experience with Luxair

Flying a small jet, getting catering with champagne, handmade sandwiches and moreover having the pleasure to fly in a relatively quiet and absolutely clean aircraft made our experience with Luxair a very pleasant one.

Lavatories are equipped with basic amenities

Lavatories are equipped with basic amenities

Regional flights that satisfied me that much have been very rare in the past. I’d fully recommend flying with Luxair. Sadly, Luxair will sell its Embraer jets soon to instead rely on Bombardier Q400 jets.

Every passenger may choose a farewell goody

Every passenger may choose a farewell goody

However, the good service, the amazing catering and the comfortable seats are available in all airplanes. Also, international newspapers are available complimentary. So if you’ll have to go to Luxembourg soon, be sure to try Luxair!

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