Special: Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is a very special place due to its location: This is the most Western point of continental Europe! If you wonder where this is, it is located in Portugal near Lisbon. We decided to go there one evening pretty spontaneously after our city trip to Sintra. But with that, time was running against us – we had to get there before the sun has set!

And this turned out to be quite a challenge. We didn’t have much time left and we were not too sure about the way to get there. We stopped once to take a picture of the beautiful ongoing sunset. Due to that, there was almost no time left before the sun disappears behind the horizon…

Sun was about to set

Sun was about to set

Way to Cabo da Roca 4

Way to Cabo da Roca 3

It set fast

It set fast

After a crazy drive, we finally reached Cabo da Roca. But the sun was already with a good half under the Atlantic. Plus, there was still some way to go by feet. As a result, we literally jumped out of the car and ran to the rand.

To be quite honest, this was absolutely necessary. We had about three to four minutes left; then, the sun had already disappeared and was thus gone. I got two nice pictures out of it, one which you should already know. It was our photo of the week called Fireball!


Sunset at Cabo da Roca



Nevertheless, after the huge crowd who also watched the spectacle was moving back to the carpark again, we stayed for a few more minutes and captured our impressions and views around Cabo da Roca.

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca


What I can say about it? It’s definitely a trip I’ll never forget. Additionally, I would really recommend going there if you ever have the chance as the sunsets are breathtaking and Cabo da Roca is absolutely beautiful!


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