Running in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is not only a financial center and the home of some institutions of the European Union, it is also a very nice city to go for a run. The most amazing thing about running in Luxembourg are the views that you are able to enjoy on several different points. Interesting architecture and nice parks complement the amazing running experience.

My run in Luxembourg did hardly start any lucky. The weather was bad and my GPS tried its best to troll me.

  • Distance: 7 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 123 Meters
  • Calories burned: 400-500
  • Month: January
  • Weather: Cloudy

It took me more than 10 minutes to get it working and as you can see on the map (the green line is the approximate “real route”), it stopped working once again soon after I started to run.

My jogging route (Tracked by Runtastic - corrections due to the bad GPS in green)

My jogging route through Luxembourg (Tracked by Runtastic – corrections due to the bad GPS in green)

Yet, running in Luxembourg was absolutely beautiful even though it was very cloudy and at times even rainy.

Nice parks and lovely fountains

I started my run at Le Royal Hotel and left in the opposite direction of the city center to experience the little park located behind the hotel. Luckily, I instantly found a beautiful motive for a picture: A lovely fountain that made the start of the run way better after the GPS problems.

What a start: A beautiful fountain!

What a start: A beautiful fountain!

As we already toured the city beforehand, I know that it was good decision to turn into the direction of the European Quarter. Before arriving at the bridge, I had the pleasure to cross another park with a beautiful building (no attraction, but very nice nevertheless).

Impressive building

Impressive building

As this run is not about exploring the European Quarter, I turned right when arriving at the Robert Schumann Bridge to enjoy some absolutely stunning views!

Stunning views on lower Luxembourg and the European Quarter

This decision was absolutely right as I was able to enjoy stunning views starting from kilometer 1 (the “real” one, not the one in the map).

View on the European Quarter

View on the European Quarter

The European Quarter with its skyscrapers was as interesting to watch as lower Luxembourg and its many residential areas.

As it’s a little difficult to follow the street at the canyon, so I decided to have a look into the city center. A good decision as it turns out, because there are many pedestrian zones (that were empty due to the weather) and lovely little streets.

Even though I enjoyed those, I went back to the canyon just a few hundred meters later. The views once again were amazing!

Running through Luxembourg’s Court of Justice

As Luxembourg is also the capital of the state with the same name, there are many governmental buildings and courthouses.

Several buildings of the Court of Justice

Several buildings of the Court of Justice

I had the pleasure to cross the modern and really nice Court of Justice that is something special (I’d also recommend it for a city tour!).

After running through that one, I once again had a nice view on the other side of the canyon (this time on the area where the Central Station is located). At that very spot, I also found a monument for the heroes of World War II.

Monument for heroes of World War II

Monument for heroes of World War II

As I loved the views at the canyon, I decided to follow this one (the city center of Luxembourg was built on something like a peninsula) for another two kilometers.

Many more nice views and much nature

Even though I enjoyed many more beautiful views and also saw some very nice buildings like a cathedral, I regret not deciding to go to the lovely parks that were right below my running route.

All the nature down there looked amazing, while I literally had to run next to a motorway. At least, that part of the run was not too long as I decided that it was time to go back in the direction of the hotel.

Lovely monument

Golden monument

I waited for a nice park to cross the big street and this turned out to be a perfect decision. My last kilometer and something was a run through a very nice park with many little seas and at least some wildlife.

All in all, I really enjoyed running in Luxembourg as it turned out to be a perfect city to experience nature, enjoy amazing views and do some sightseeing at the same time. Absolutely pefect for a nice run!


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