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Seize the day. That’s what our tour to Zurich was like. Actually, we were dead-tired from a long-haul night flight and it was a cloudy, cold December day when we arrived at 7 am. Anyway, the fact of travelling motivated ourselves enough to explore the beautiful Swiss city Zurich, stroll around and even pay the zoo a visit, where we saved a small bird’s life.

Yes, travelling can be strenuous and exhausting, but it’s always totally worth it. Zurich in Switzerland proves that right one more time. It’s not that much fun when you arrive at the airport and some time later in the city, searching for a coffee in the morning, and finding even McDonald’s still being closed. But that wouldn’t stop us! Tired, but happy, we began to walk down the Bahnhofstrasse, which is known for its high-quality shops. Not any surprisingly, those were closed, especially as it was Sunday – which means that most shops are closed anyway. But, and that’s a huge but: Due to being cold, early and a Sunday, we were almost the only ones in the otherwise very busy and buzzing street!

However, some really early birds were already up standing in a queue, waiting for the Café Sprüngli to open. The Café Sprüngli is anything but cheap, but it offers amazing chocolate and high-quality pastries that we tried when we visited Zurich some months ago.

Sprüngli Café

Spruengli Café

Lake Zurich and some seagulls

After having walked down the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, you’ll arrive at Lake Zurich. The Swiss town was named the city in Europe with the highest quality of life and Lake Zurich definitely played an important role for this judgment. Hardly anything has so much recreational value as a sea or a lake. There were not too many people in winter, but in summer, it’s a popular place to spend time at.

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What made watching the seagulls really funny and enjoyable were tourists that threw breadcrumbs into the lake.


Opera House

Moving on, it didn’t take us long to arrive at the Opera House in Zurich. We didn’t go inside, but it looked especially nice with the fountains in the front.Opera 3

After that, we decided that it is time to go to the zoo. Getting there by feet would have been a long walk, but it’s quite easy to get there via public transportation. It’s absolutely lovely to see this diversity of animals, especially the elephant building is a true highlight!

Saving a bird’s life

When we went through one of the areas of the Zurich Zoo, we found one small bird lying on the floor, not being able to fly again. It looked really injured. People passed by and even small children pointed with their fingers at the bird, saying something like “the poor bird”. But they went on. Seriously, this was just too much for us. We went back to an information point and told them about the bird and where it lies. After that, we went back to it and watched another employee picking up the bird, telling us he will bring it to the veterinarian. He also thanked us for reporting. So please, don’t just point at an animal and pass by if it’s injured, but search for help instead! I don’t know what was happening with the bird afterwards, we just hope it is able to fly again by now.

At the end, before going back to the airport, we still had some minutes left to see the “Züricher Landeskirche”, a church, and the old town. Moreover, there are many impressive buildings (and hotels) along the river, which I imagine have an incredible view of Zurich. We can also recommend the Dolder Grand Hotel that is located close to the zoo!


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  1. Your post makes me want to go to Zurich! I would love to experience the cold (being from the tropics) as well as immerse myself in a culture different from the one I have grown accustomed to. Someday, hopefully. 🙂

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