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The Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport is one of the smaller ones in Europe. Due to that, there is only a single lounge that may be accessed by premium class passengers and frequent flyers of all airlines. We checked out the Executive Lounge Gdansk and were a little impressed – always a good thing for a lounge review. Even though the lounge is a little small, it offers many things you may need before departure.

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The more we fly to smaller airports, the more we are disappointed about partner lounges of the big airlines. Many of these are very small and offer only a limited choice of food. However, there are partly positive exceptions like the Executive Lounge at the Gdansk Airport.

The Executive Lounge has a buffet that looks like a supermarket

When entering the Executive Lounge Gdansk, you’ll instantly find the buffet

While the buffet is not amazing, the choice of small snacks is absolutely sufficient. The armchairs are very comfortable and the internet connection is fast.

Moreover, the lounge got modern restrooms and a business center. But let’s start that lounge review with the most important points: Food and drinks!

Buffet at the Executive Lounge Gdansk

We didn’t expect too much of the Executive Lounge at Gdansk Airport, but as we had some work to be done before the flight, we decided to come to the airport some time before departure anyway.

Some hommade sandwiches and fresh fruits

Some homemade sandwiches and fresh fruits

Yet, it’s worth a mention in this review that the buffet in the Executive Lounge was surprisingly good when it comes to snacks. It offers fresh sandwiches and a few sweet Polish specialties.

Polish pastries were available as well

Polish pastries are available in the Executive Lounge as well

Moreover, there is a large choice of packed food including chips and several sweet snacks. However, there are no warm dishes or salads.

Choice of juices

Choice of juices

Last but not least, the choice of drinks including juices, soft drinks and even alcohol in the Executive Lounge Gdansk was very good as well. The open food was very special (the taste was surprisingly Polish), yet it was tasty.

Seating at the Executive Lounge Gdansk

Even though we enjoyed the buffet, we did not like the location of the Executive Lounge Gdansk. The only view you have is the one on the boring departure hall. On the other side of the lounge, there is a glass wall that is detaching the lounge from the gates. However, the seating itself was comfortable with new and good leather armchairs.

Seating in the lounge is comfortable, but nothing "fancy"

Seating in the lounge is comfortable

That kind of made up for the bad view and saved our good overall impression we present in this lounge review. There were some plugs at all tables, making working a little easier. The internet connection was sufficient and good enough for uploading pictures, but not really fast at the same time. What’s a negative point in my opinion is the fact that most chairs and seats are only sufficient for relaxing and eating purposes.

The tables are too low to work on them

However, the tables are too low to work on them

The position of the tables was just way too low to work on them. Something the Executive Lounge Gdansk has to work on.

Entertainment at the Executive Lounge Gdansk

Some things that need to be added to that lounge review is the business center, the restrooms and the service. The business center of the Executive Lounge was very good with a few computers and good working tables. There was also a printer to use for any business purpose provided.

The business facilities of the Executive Lounge are very good

The business facilities of the Executive Lounge are very good

Another positive point are the restrooms that are located inside the lounge (that’s not the standard in small lounges). They are clean and modern. However, the service was just so-so. Even though the lady working was friendly, she didn’t take plates away and was not handling the check-in procedure very well.

Restrooms are modern and clean

Restrooms are modern and clean

Anyway, the overall experience at the Executive Lounge Gdansk was way better as in other comparable lounges throughout Europe. That said, you should definitely check out the lounge when departing from Gdansk, but you shouldn’t plan any extra time for it.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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