Special: Afternoon Tea at Hotel Palace Berlin

Afternoon Tea is always a special experience: Tasty sandwiches, exceptional chocolates and tasty biscuits accompanied by some great tea – who could say no to those treats? At the Hotel Palace in Berlin, we enjoyed the Afternoon Tea not once, but twice. Even though we liked the quality of everything, we were a little disappointed by the choice.

When we stayed at the Hotel Palace in December and February, we tried the Afternoon Tea both times. The Afternoon Tea at Hotel Palace Berlin consists of a choice of tea, sandwiches, Scones and some biscuits or chocolates (depending on the season).

That's what the Afternoon Tea looks like

This is how the Afternoon Tea looks like

It is served in the Lobby Bar which has a really nice atmosphere. We found that enjoying the Afternoon Tea is especially nice in winter when it is cold outside and it turns dark early.

Choice of high quality Althaus tea

A nice touch of the Afternoon Tea at the Palace is the tea itself.

Delicious Althaus Tea

Delicious Althaus Tea

You may choose one of several delicious varieties of Althaus (a well-known German brand) Tea. Each and every one we tried was utterly delicious. It is served with fresh leafs and berries and has a great taste.

Especially the fruit tea was delicious

Especially the fruit tea was delicious

Also, the names of the varieties are very creative. You’ll definitely have fun choosing one!

Tasty scones and sandwiches

As usual, we started our Afternoon Tea at the Hotel Palace with the sandwiches. In our opinion, those are nothing special.

Three different sandwiches each

Three different sandwiches for each guest

The cut bread was a little too crusty in our opinion. With one cheese, one ham and one salmon sandwich, the choice was not very creative as well. However, the taste was good. What was better were the scones. Both times we enjoyed the Afternoon Tea they were fresh and fluffy.

The scones were fully and tasty

The Scones were fluffy and tasty

The jam and the butter were homemade and tasted great as well. But once again, the choice of different jams would have been great.

Good chocolates and yummy biscuits

The last part of the Afternoon Tea (in the order we ate it twice) were the sweet (sweeter than scones) delights.

The sweet delights were the best part of the Afternoon Tea at Hotel Palace

The sweet delights were the best part of the Afternoon Tea at Hotel Palace

These once consisted of little cakes and chocolates and once of little cakes and biscuits (the “Christmas Edition”). The little cakes and the chocolates tasted very good and the choice and quantity was sufficient.

Nice overall experience

Overall, we enjoyed our Afternoon Tea both times. What is very great is the atmosphere.

Pretty much every chocolate and biscut was delicious

Pretty much every chocolate and biscut was delicious

So is the tea itself. The food tastes good as well, but was nothing exceptional. Last but not least, it is worth a mention that there is room for improvement when it comes to choice and quantity. Usually, we are more than just full when having an Afternoon Tea. However, at the Hotel Palace, we were not. Anyway, we liked the Afternoon Tea and would recommed to give it a try when you are in Berlin!


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    • Thanks a lot. The Adlon certainly does as well. It’s a little pricey, but absolutely amazing. It’s served in the lobby bar, so there may be several people around you. However, the service is outstanding, so that won’t be a problem 🙂

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