Running in Heiligendamm

Running next to the sea with the sun on your back. Is there anything more amazing than that? I’m actually not sure. I personally absolutely loved running in Heiligendamm, a little German village on the Baltic Sea. Even though it was a tough run due to the wet and deep sand, running at the beach was something I was looking forward to for a long time!

Even though I had several problems with Runtastic and the GPS on my running route in Heiligendamm, I didn’t let it damper my mood. There were several reasons to be happy instead.

  • Distance: 6 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 123 Meters
  • Calories burned: 400-500
  • Month: February
  • Weather: Clear

The first one unquestionably was the weather: Sunshine, around 10 degrees Celsius and not very windy. The second one was the fact that in February, pretty much nobody is at the beach, so I was able to enjoy undisclosed views and some time alone.

My jogging route in Heiligendamm ("partly" tracked by Runtastic)

My jogging route in Heiligendamm (“partly” tracked by Runtastic)

If you are in Heiligendamm, I’d definitely recommend to also take this route by the sea in off-season!

A tough challenge for the start

However, you should definitely be an experienced runner to make this trip.

My starting point: Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

My starting point: Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

Not only was the sand wet and deep, but there was also a challenge awaiting me after I left the hotel for not more than one kilometer.

The beach suddenly disappeared and the only way to not swim instead of running was to cross several rocks that lie between the cliff and the sea. I made it without any problems, but it was a challenge I decided to not take once again on my way back anyway.

Yet, it was totally worth it as the beaches beyond were absolutely natural and great for running.

Running alone on the beach

Also, the area was very quiet and the only thing I could hear were animals. Such a great feeling.

The view I had pretty muhc all the time

The view I had pretty much all the time

However, I decided to turn around after approximately three kilometers (Runtastic sadly didn’t track the kilometer correctly) as the run was very exhausting due to the conditions at the beach.

Nevertheless, I was able to enjoy amazing views of the sea and the nature on my way back once again.

The only path to leave the beach

The only path to leave the beach

As I didn’t want to take the patch on the rocks once again, I decided to get up the cliff on a location of a restaurant that is accessible from the beach.

A little restaurant on top of the cliff

A little restaurant on top of the cliff

A very good idea as it appeared just a few meters later.

Stunning views from above

I already enjoyed running at the beach, but the views from above were even better.

It's tough to tell what was nicer: Running at the beach or on the cliff

Beautiful views of the sea

The farsightedness and the loneliness of the beach was very special to watch. The conditions on the path of the cliff were way better, too. Anyway, it was still very natural as the path took me through a very lively forest.

Sadly, I had to leave the views of the sea behind after around five kilometers and had to take a route in the hinterland. This one, however, was not for long as I arrived at the hotel just five minutes later.

Back at "home" after an amazing run

Back at “home” after an amazing run

All in all, a very exhausting, but at the same time very special run. If you got the pleasure to take a vacation in Heiligendamm, be sure to try this running route!


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