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Have you ever been to Luxembourg? As the capital carries the same name as the country Luxembourg, the concentration of power is pretty clear. Due to that, it is absolutely awesome to discover the city by foot, as you are able to see everything which is important for Luxembourg as a country and for Luxembourg as a city.

But it’s not just that, as Luxembourg is also home to the European Court of Justice.

In Luxembourg, there is a whole quarter where parts of the European Union are located. On our way from the airport to the hotel “Le Royal”, we were already able to catch some views of that quarter from distance.

Governance District

European District

As we were at the European District on a Sunday, streets looked deserted, nobody could be seen. Cars on the really big street were seldom. Idyllic, tranquil. After we crossed the bridge, we had the pleasure to admire the architecture of the philharmonic in Luxembourg.

We went on, seeing a lot of hotels like the Novotel or the Sofitel, before we reached the (I call it like this) main area of the district. Anyway, there was not much more to see, so we decided to go back to the inner city. The Royal Hotel, where we stayed for the night, is a great location to just stroll around in the huge pedestrian zone. What you can discover there are stunning architecture, cute little stores, even from the outside well-smelling cafés and restaurants as well as some shops for clothes and other stuff.

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It’s not really a challenge to pass by the Bierger-Center, some churches or the statue on the place Guillaume II.

If you find the right way to get out of the zone, you will be able to enjoy amazing views of the “basse ville”!

On the other side of Luxembourg, there are still some impressive things waiting for you to admire them. But before learning more about that part of the city, you should definitely check out the Court of Justice. There are many impressive buildings that all are housing different courts.


On the other side of Luxemburg, there is the central station that may be worth looking at as well!

Central Station

On our way back to the hotel, we also had the pleasure to see the Monument of National Unity when the sun was setting.

Monument to National Unity 2

Throughout Luxembourg, you will find several monuments or memorials. Here are a few examples.

Last but not least, it’s worth a mention to be aware of the beauty of the city on the one hand, but on the other hand, it will sometimes be tough and strenuous to get to the most beautiful places as Luxembourg has crazy changes of altitude!


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