Looking back on week 32

Even though we spent our week at home, we released a lot of content from our earlier journeys. We focused on great hotels, amazing cities and much more. Check out what you may have missed last week!

Our week began with a hotel preview of the dream castle: The Castle Hotel Dalian!

Lobby (Image Source: The Castle Hotel Dalian /

(Image Source: The Castle Hotel Dalian /

Next one was the review of the lounge at the Berlin Tegel Airport: The British Airways Terraces Lounge!

Sandwiches in the British Airways Lounge

Some help for our travel-crazy followers: Transportation in Zurich!

There are modern as well as old trams operating in Zurich

First of April, but no joke: Our preview of the amazing Pousada do Porto!

Classic Room (Image Source: Pousada do Porto /

(Image Source: Pousada do Porto /

Great food in a great atmosphere: We reviewed the Afternoon Tea at Hotel Palace Berlin!

Delicious Althaus Tea

And again some help for all travelers out there: Our airport guide of the Gothenburg Landvetter Airport!

Some couches may be suitable for a night at the airport

We already posted a lot of content about Gdansk. However, the review of the fully satisfying Hilton Gdansk was still missing!

Fresh fish and other delights at the breakfast buffet

Thinking back of our holidays feels like a dream. You can take part by checking out our newest “Running in…” post!


Okay, we couldn’t stay home any longer. On Sunday, we checked-in to one of Berlin’s best hotels: The Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome!


As every week it was time to release our photo of the week on Sunday. Do you know where we took that amazing photo?


Last but not least, another impression of our time in Berlin. Lovely, isn’t it?



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