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Luxembourg is not one of the biggest cities in Europe. However, there are some great luxury hotels in the city. One of those is Le Royal Hotel located just a few steps away from the pedestrian zone. We had the pleasure to stay at the hotel just a few weeks ago. Currently, there is a renovation taking place. Yet, we did not have the feeling to be disturbed by the works.

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As I already mentioned, Luxembourg rarely is a large city. You are able to reach pretty much every spot by foot. Due to that, the location of Le Royal Hotel in Luxembourg is a very good one.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Royal Club Suite
  • Month of Stay: February

Close enough to reach the European District (15 minutes) and just a few steps away from the large pedestrian zone in the city center, Le Royal is an ideal location to start a city trip at. The only destination a little further away is the central station.

No beauty from the outside, but very good in the inside

No beauty from the outside, but very good in the inside

Even the airport (the hotel offers a free shuttle service for guests in the Royal Wing) is only 15 minutes by car.

Apart from that, it’s worth a mention that the view of the hotel is not any spectacular, but that was nothing to disturb our overall impression of Le Royal Hotel.

Large suite with all the luxurious amenities

The suite that awaited us at Le Royal Hotel (we had the pleasure to get upgraded) was enormously large. The Royal Club One Bedroom Suite got a living room as well as a bedroom.

Champagne awated us upon arrival

Champagne awaited us upon arrival in our room

Moreover, there’s a little kitchenette located in the living room. Last but not least, the spacious bathroom with an enormous bathtub, two sinks and a detached massage shower is worth a mention. Even though the room was not the newest in terms of décor, it was in a very good condition.

At this point, it’s worth a mention that Le Royal Hotel currently is working on a full makeover. A great thing to mention in this hotel review is the welcome greeting that awaited us in the room.

The view out of our suite was not any spectacular, but the room was very quiet due to its location

The view out of our suite was not any spectacular, but the suite was very quiet due to its location

A large tray with dozens of fruits and chocolates accompanied by a large bottle of champagne with biscuits. Anything more you could wish for when arriving?

Not a very cozy Spa at Le Royal Hotel

Le Royal Hotel does not only have great rooms, it’s also known for housing one of the best Spa areas in the city. Honestly, I’m not sure if I can agree on that in this hotel review.

The pool at Le Royal Hotel is large, but a little cold

The pool at Le Royal Hotel is large enough, but a little cold

The Spa got a pool with a decent size, a sauna, a steam bath and even an ice pool. Even though that sounds pretty good, the atmosphere was a little downer in my opinion. Neither in one of the loungers near the pool nor in the sauna area there is any coziness.

You always have the feeling spending time in a public pool, not the Spa of a luxury hotel. The gym also didn’t really convince me. There were a few machines and also some free weights, but everything was extremely cramped and you always felt like being watched as the gym is directly attached to the pool area (without any blinds).

However, the Spa is getting renovated soon as well, so this may change.

Great fish, average sandwich at Le Royal Hotel

What makes Le Royal Hotel one of the hottest spots in Luxembourg is the good dining experience the hotel is known for.

We went for a room service dinner at Le Royal Hotel

We went for a room service dinner at Le Royal Hotel

It was without any doubt that we have to review the food of the hotel. We decided to opt for room service as we were not in the mood to go to the restaurant. I opted for the fish, while Sabrina decided to go for the Club Sandwich.

The former was absolutely delicious, while the latter was just average. The bread that accompanied the dishes was very fluffy and tasty and the chocolate mousse we ordered for desert was heavenly.

Lovingly arranged chocolate mousse

Lovingly arranged chocolate mousse

So overall, we really enjoyed the food offered at Le Royal Hotel and would definitely recommend to try the dining experience, especially when you like fish!

Good breakfast in a homely atmosphere

Due to the renovation, the occupancy of Le Royal Hotel was very low the night we stayed. That made breakfast a very homely thing. There were only a few tables occupied and the service was fast and efficient.

Orders may be taken in German, English, French or Luxembourgish. Hot drinks as well as hot dishes like eggs or pancakes are served by order, all free of charge. The buffet itself was pretty good, but nothing to write home about. A very positive thing that’s worth a mention is the choice of fruits that was way better than in many other hotels.

Eggs are freshly prepared in the kitchen

The omelet looked really good, but tasted just average

At the buffet, guests can also find champagne that is included in the breakfast as well. Overall, a good breakfast that’s absolutely sufficient. However, I doubt that I would pay 26 Euro per person if it wasn’t included.

Luxembourg’s first address: Le Royal Hotel

It’s not easy to review Le Royal Hotel due to the ongoing renovations. There are only higher room categories available, but these have the huge advantage of still being in a very good condition. We absolutely loved our room even though the décor was a little outdated. The food offered at Le Royal was very good and the Spa offered everything you need. However, we didn’t feel any cozy down in the Spa area and also the gym wasn’t very good.

The transitional bar in the cellar has a modern touch: The rest of Le Royal Hotel is about to follow in the next months

The transitional bar in the cellar has a modern touch: The rest of Le Royal Hotel is about to follow in the next months

Due to the facts that the staff at the one hand was very good and that we weren’t disturbed by the renovations even once, we’d definitely recommend Le Royal Hotel. There are many reasons why the hotel is known to be the best luxury hotel in Luxembourg. The one that’s most important in my opinion is definitely the great and multilingual staff!

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