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Salzburg in Austria is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been so far. I’m pretty sure mostly everyone has heard about Salzburg yet because of one very famous and important composer of the 18th century: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salzburg is also known to be the city of Mozart. We discovered Salzburg on a beautiful winter day by foot, imagining to follow Mozart’s steps about over 200 years later. You will see why this was easy while reading this city review!

Birth house of Mozart

Birth house of Mozart

The most important thing we learned about Salzburg: The whole city is historic. We felt like not a single building was newer than one hundred years. Which does not mean that they’re abandoned or dilapidated!

It’s truly a beautiful historic town and it definitely is protected from “new buildings” by its inhabitants. Pretty protectionist.

But that’s not all. Our starting point for exploring the city was the Sacher Hotel with a great location right at the Salzach and just a few steps away from the city center and pedestrian zone.

Sacher Hotel

Sacher Hotel

We really enjoyed the fact that the Salzach is bringing such an incredible flair to the city. Especially on a sunny day, you are able to see the Alps in the background!

But Salzburg has more to offer than just a historic cityscape! What I’d definitely recommend to do is to go up to one of the viewpoints. We decided to go up the ‘Kapuzinerberg’ so that we were able to enjoy a fantastic view of the Festung Hohensalzburg. It was breathtaking, but strenuous nevertheless.

Stairs 2

Up on the mountain you will also find a bust of Mozart if you stroll around a bit and want to enjoy the atmosphere.

Mozart Bust

Mozart Bust

When we finally decided to go down again, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the so-called Mirabellgarten and the castle and university around!



University Mozarteum

Oh, I almost forgot about the bunch of churches you can admire in Salzburg. I deny counting them afterwards, but here are some photos from the outside to get an impression.

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Last but not least I figure it’s important to tell you about the city of Salzburg being part of the UNESCO World Heritage! Not any surprisingly, huh? I’m sure that the museums of the city have a lot to offer, so if you’re interested, inform yourself before going there!


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  1. I feel the same way about it. I’ve been there last year and I still think about it 🙂 Such a gorgeous place. Love the pictures!

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