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New York is the it-city. A city where everybody wants to be at least once it his or her lifetime. A city which is the setting for many shows and movies. And a city for which you really need a few days to discover. That said, it’s a very expensive city as well. So if you plan to stay a few nights in a hotel, you also need a lot of money. We discovered Big Apple, but not without learning and making some mistakes!

At first, I want to surprise you a bit: Despite nearly everyone arrives in New York at JFK Airport, we came by train. From Boston. With the Amtrak.



It was very convenient and comfortable and we had WiFi. I know that trains are not common in the states, but if the distance is not more than a few hundred miles, just try it! It’s so much more relaxed.

Slalom and saying no

After arriving, we were making our way to The Knickerbocker Hotel to check in, which is located at the Times Square. First mistake we made: We tried to go with our cabin size trolleys through a large crowd to the hotel. On the – well, the most popular – 8th street. Let me give you one advice, don’t do that if you don’t like to do a slalom run and if you don’t want to be addressed by several recruiters on your way. No, I don’t want to eat at that restaurant right now. No, I’m not interested in pre-buying tickets for Madame Tussauds. NO, we do not want to ride the carriage through the Central Park.

And so on and so on.

Times Square and Central Park

Later on, when we went out to discover, we were much more adept at circumventing the buggers! 8th avenue leading to the Times Square is and stays a very touristic route. Many people, always in a hurry, honking taxis and motivated vendors. No thanks – just go one street more left or right and you’ll be left alone with that.

After having denied a lot of carriage offers, we made it to a “little” oasis: The Central Park. It was a very sunny day, yet not too warm. Interestingly, even some snow was still there. All in all, we definitely enjoyed spending some time and strolling around in the Central Park.

Moving fast

Most of the time, we report to have explored the city by foot. Definitely not in New York as it is just way too big. We would have been broke if we took a taxi every time, especially considering that it’s not too easy to get one driving by. Due to that, taking the subway which is not the most beautiful one in the world was the best and fastest solution for us.

Subway 2

When we were strolling around, we discovered the Grand Central Terminal which has an impressive architecture!

Remembering a catastrophe

When immigrating to the US from a long-haul flight, the tightened security measures remember you that there has been a catastrophe on 9/11. So do security checks on airports all over the world. When being in New York, paying Ground Zero and the One World Trade Center a visit is a must-do.

I do have my own thoughts about it, especially after having visited this place, but I think it is better than everyone makes his or her own thoughts. What I can share with you is my anger about the sun when we tried to capture the Statue of Liberty. From where we were, almost impossible. So here, that’s the best we could do…

Statue of Liberty 2

Statue of Liberty

Special moments in New York

Another place to definitely name in this city review is Brooklyn Bridge. Just so far: It was really fun crossing the river like that. But convince yourself with the following photos!

Personally, I especially liked the fact that I was able to enjoy a fantastic view of Manhattan from there. Thumbs up! Another idea which is crazy and genius at the same time is a project called high line.

High Line 5

The former elevated Central Railroad of the early 20th century has now been transformed in a nice walking area. Great, if you ask me. Particularly the fact that there are still some rails obtained to admire is wonderful!

Moreover, we walked by the Rockefeller building and the gold statue. I know that there are far more “secret tips” for places in New York to go. Unfortunately, we were only in New York for about three days, which made it impossible to discover New York as a whole. However, we were astonished by the unfamiliar flair of the city, the contrary architecture in different parts of the city, the crazy traffic and especially some high buildings. To come to an end, we honestly enjoyed New York and will come back for sure! Last but not least, enjoy the gallery with some architecture and the Empire State Building!

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  1. Looking good. It’s on my to visit list 🙂 I hope to make it there soon. Until then, thank you for the virtual tour!

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    Thanks for following my blog MyVidenda!
    You did a great job on this NYC post…very accurate, I must say.
    I actually looked at it from a ‘visitors’ perspective reading this post, and not someone who has lived there for years! My New York is a hard place, but also is pleasantly surprising as well with loveliness. : )

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