Airline Review: Swiss (regional Business)

Different airplane, different service. On board the Airbus A319 of Swiss (LX), you’ll definitely feel home when you have a Business Class ticket in your hand. The plane is roomy, especially when the seat next to you isn’t occupied, and the food is pretty basic, but very good. Our extensive review of the Swiss regional Business Class!

Flying Business Class with Swiss means that a journey starts with priority fast lane and lounge access. In Geneva, we enjoyed the Swiss Business Class Lounge that is really modern and has a decent buffet.

  • Airplane: Airbus A319
  • Cabin Class: Business
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Breakfast (Bircher Muesli, fruit salad, croissant and roll with ham, cheese and jam)
  • Seat Pitch: 34 Inch (86 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

As we flew in the morning, we just grabbed a little bite before boarding our plane to Copenhagen. While our first Business Class experience with Swiss was a flight in the Avro RJ-100, we this time had the pleasure to take our seat in an Airbus A319. After pre-boarding, our experience on board began!

Clean leather seats and a free middle seat

For most travelers, the deciding factor why to read an airline review is the seating. In the Swiss Business Class, this one is arranged in a 3-3 configuration and is the same like the one in Economy Class when it comes to the seat width.

Seat arrangement in the Swiss Business Class

Seat arrangement in the Swiss Business Class

However, all middle seats are kept free in Business Class, which means more room for all passengers. The seat pitch is also a little wider than in Economy, so you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of legroom. Apart from that, the seating arrangement was nothing to write home about.

The seats were clean and had an appealing color. At the same time, they were not any special in terms of comfort. For short flights, the Swiss seats in the A319 are okay, but for a longer flight, I wouldn’t be happy about this seating arrangement in Business Class.

Starting the day with a great Bircher Muesli

The food service was very good at the same time. It’s worth a mention that the Bircher Muesli we got was one of the best dishes we ever wrote about in an airline review.

Breakfast in the Swiss Business Class

Breakfast in the Swiss Business Class

It seems like Swiss is able to prepare amazing Swiss dishes. Apart from that, the breakfast on board consisted of a fruit salad, a croissant and a roll. The latter were accompanied by Swiss cheese, Buendnerfleisch (a Swiss specialty comparable to dried ham) and marmalade. Sadly, the juice wasn’t freshly squeezed.

Even though that’s a pretty basic breakfast compared to what you get in five star hotels, the food tasted very good and satisfied us. For drinks, you may choose from a wide range of hot and cold drinks. Alcohol is also in stock, even on morning flights.

Choice of newspapers for entertainment

Usually, there is not a lot of entertainment on regional flights. The same goes with our Swiss Business Class flight in the Airbus A319. The only entertainment offered were screens showing some advertisement and shows, the board magazine and a wide range of newspapers. The positive thing when flying Swiss is the very good choice of newspapers.


There is a wide range of newspapers on board

While you’ll see that many airlines only offer national and maybe one or two international newspapers when reading other airline reviews on our blog, Swiss does have a wide range of newspapers in different languages in stock. You’ll get English, German, French and Italian ones on every flight when flying Business Class.

Good overall experience flying Swiss

Flying Business Class on regional routes is rarely anything special. Pretty much all European airlines use the same seats as in Economy Class with a free middle seat and some leg room and name it Business Class.

A bottle of water and a refreshing tissue await you when boarding

A bottle of water and a refreshing tissue await you when boarding

So does Swiss. However, the service on board was very good and we also liked that the food had a very regional touch. Little things like the refreshment tissue and the bottle of water awaiting you when boarding add quality to the Business Class experience.

Amenities in the washroom

Amenities in the washroom

Anyway, wouldn’t only fly Business Class when the price is not much higher than the one for Economy. On regional routes in Europe, Business Class is rarely worth the money.

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