Hotel Review: The Knickerbocker New York

Since a few weeks, New York got a new luxury hotel. The Knickerbocker, located right at the Times Square, is the revival of one of the oldest hotels in the city. We had the pleasure to stay at New York’s newest star and were very pleasantly surprised about how smooth everything went despite the fact that the hotel has just opened in February.

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When we were planning out trip to New York City, we were sure that we will spend a night at The Knickerbocker. A very good decision as it later occurred. After reading our extensive hotel review you’ll know why.

  • Classification: Five Star
  • Room Category: Premier Room
  • Month of Stay: March

The great experience started at the moment when we arrived at the hotel. The welcome was really warm and friendly. The lobby of The Knickerbocker is pretty modern and appears a little uncomfortable.

Amazing Welcome Treatment

Amazing Welcome Treatment

However, the warmth and friendliness of the staff made this detail fade. As you expect from a luxury hotel like The Knickerbocker, we were shown to the room by Cynthia who explained everything about the hotel on our way to the room.

It’s worth a mention that there are clerks in the ultra-modern elevators at daytime – tradition and modernity combined.

Great views of the Times Square at The Knick

The most important thing in a hotel review for us is the room. In a hotel, we usually spend most of our time in the room, be it for working, relaxing or sleeping.

Premier Room at The Knickerbocker

Premier Room at The Knickerbocker New York

At The Knickerbocker, we were lucky enough the get upgraded to a Premier Room. Even though the room categories are pretty similar, we really liked the upgrade as we enjoyed views of the 42nd and the Times Square.

Little window, but great view on the Times Square

Little window, but great view of the Times Square

When we entered, we also recognized a lovely welcome treatment that may have been one of the best ones we ever enjoyed. It included all our preferences: Sweets, cheese, nuts and fruits. Just amazing.

The room itself is not extremely spacious, but large enough for a stay in Manhattan. The design is extremely modern and focused on modern colors like brown and beige. Each and every single amenity in the room at The Knickerbocker has a very modern touch.

Modern and luxurious: Rooms at The Knickerbocker

Be it the large flat screen television, the electronic window blends that guarantee a good night sleep or the fully stocked, but very silent minibar. We were a little surprised that the bathroom at The Knickerbocker did only offer a shower and no bathtub.

Even though we usually criticize something like that in hotel reviews, we did not miss a bathtub at The Knickerbocker as the large rain shower made up for it. Apart from that and the fact that there was just a single sink, the marble bathroom with all the modern touches and high quality amenities including things like lip balm did satisfy us.

Fully stocked and partly complimentary minibar

Fully stocked and partly complimentary minibar

Another great feature of all rooms at The Knickerbocker is the fact that all the non-alcoholic drinks in the minibar are complimentary.

All you need for the perfect workout

As most other luxury hotels in New York, The Knickerbocker does not have a Spa area. There is neither a pool nor anything like a sauna or steam bath.

However, we can focus on something else in this hotel review: The large gym. It is seduced into two different areas. One is dedicated to strength and boxing training, while the other one is for cardio mostly.

Apples and Knickerbocker branded water in the gym

Apples and Knickerbocker branded water in the gym

What’s really great at the gym of The Knickerbocker in New York is the range of machines and free weights available. There is pretty much everything you may look for. The location is a little downer though as the gym is a little dark with windows facing an inner courtyard.

Choice of drinks in the gym

Choice of drinks in the gym

Anyway, there are many more positive aspects to mention. For example the ultra-modern machines or the choice of complimentary drinks including Gatorade, Coco Libre and Red Bull.

Tasty delights at The Knickerbocker

The Knickerbocker combines history and modernity in a very interesting way. Room service for example is a little old fashioned.

Room service dinner at The Knicker NYC

Room service dinner at The Knick NYC

A large table, a nice little flower and a choice of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise regardless of what you ordered. Pretty old fashioned, but not bad in any regards.

The more important thing to mention in this hotel review is the quality of the food and this one was great. The halibut ordered was absolutely delicious and the burger Sabrina had was satisfying as well.

Ham plate as a starter

Ham plate as a starter

The starter, some thin-cut ham accompanied by cross bread, was great as well.

Breakfast in a modern fashion

The more modern and stylish way to present food was what we experienced the next morning. Breakfast at The Knickerbocker is served à la carte.

Breakfast at The Knickerbocker

Breakfast at The Knickerbocker

You get a basket of pastries, some marmalade, hot drinks and unlimited juice of the day as well as water. Other delights may be ordered from the carte for an extra charge.

Continental Breakfast at The Knicker: Bakery basket, juices and water

Continental Breakfast at The Knick: Bakery basket, juices and water

I went for some granola with berries while Sabrina was quite fine with just eating the pastries and enjoying the amazing juice (maybe the best one we ever had). A very special feature is the tray that includes an USB-Port you may use for charging your mobile phone.

Granola, fresh berries an yogurt

Granola, fresh berries and yogurt

Everything tasted delicious and we liked the new ideas brought into serving breakfast. However, we were of the opinion that the atmosphere in the restaurant was a little too dark for breakfast.

Hospitality on a new level at The Knickerbocker

So should you prefer The Knickerbocker over all the other luxury hotels in New York? I’d say yes. We’ll have another hotel review about a property in New York City coming soon, but looking back, we’d return to The Knickerbocker.

The details make The Knick a great hotel

The little details make The Knick a great hotel

It’s not only the features and the cool rooms we mentioned, but the service that will make us come back. Everyone from the beginning to the end of our stay was utterly friendly and courteous. Our stay started with a lovely welcome treatment and ended with a complimentary farewell coffee from the coffee shop of the hotel. That’s hospitality that makes us instantly want to come back to The Knickerbocker!

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