Running in Vienna

In Vienna, I was lucky enough to have a great location to start my run. However, I was not close as lucky with the weather. When I woke up that morning, it was rainy, cold and foggy. No perfect conditions for a run, but what you can’t change is something you shouldn’t care about. So I decided to just run nevertheless. And believe or not, I actually enjoyed the “rainy run”.

You may remember my running guides from Cascais or Heiligendamm, where the weather was amazing for a run. Sadly, I’m not always that lucky. In Vienna for example, it was really cold and foggy.

  • Distance: 8.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 141 Meters
  • Calories burned: 500-600
  • Month: February
  • Weather: Rainy

However, the running route was a very nice and enjoyable one as there is a lot of nature around the river Danube. Even though the weather was really bad, it was nice to stroll through the nature and learn a new perspective of living in Vienna at the same time.

My jogging route in Vienna (tracked by Runtastic)

My jogging route in Vienna (tracked by Runtastic)

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Crossing the bridge to nature wonderland

The first two kilometers of my run were not really spectacular. There is a pretty nice path close to the Danube, but there is a private yacht club between the river and the path.

Starting the rainy run right at the Danube

Starting the rainy run right at the Danube

Even though that was not as enjoyable as I hoped, I really enjoyed watching some river cruise ships. The nicer part of the run should follow just a few hundred meters later after I crossed one of the large bridges that is also used by cars, but there is a detached path for pedestrians and bikes that is neither affected by noise nor by pollution.

Quiet a nice start to the nature wonderland that was about to expect me after the bridge.

Enjoying Danube Island

The natural hideaway right on the other side of historic and booming city center of Vienna is called “Danube Island”.

Crossing the Danube

Crossing the Danube

It’s a natural reserve where cars are more or less prohibited. Due to that, you are able to enjoy the nature to its fullest. Some inhabitants of the city even decided to spend their life on the island.

Even though it is forbidden to build houses in the natural reserve, the people went for another option: They are living on house boats that are bound to the island.

A really interesting place to live: House boats on the Danube

A really interesting place to live: House boats on the Danube

A really cool option to spend life in a large metropolis while still being close to nature.

Run, run and run further

I actually didn’t have a single clue how far the two bridges that are connecting the Danube Island with the city center where located from each other.

Enjoyable running by the water

Enjoyable running by the water

Usually, I don’t go for long runs in other cities as I’m also looking forward to explore more of the city for the rest of the day, but in Vienna, my run stretched to approximately nine kilometers.

That was not really a problem for me though as I really enjoyed the nature at the Danube Island and also enjoyed the nice views on the city, even though they were a little interrupted by the fog.

Some sightseeing while running

On my way back to the hotel, right after I crossed the bridge, I recognized the St. Francis of Assisi Church that is known to be one of the most beautiful churches in Austria.

Francis of Assisi Church

St. Francis of Assisi Church

Unexpected, but quiet nice to also get some sightseeing done while running. The way back to the Hilton Danube Waterfront wasn’t really special as there were some construction works going on, so I wasn’t able to run at the waterfront for the most time.

However, the last kilometer was quiet enjoyable again. All in all, I enjoyed the bad weather run. The great natural reserve and the nice views on the city made running in Vienna an amazing experience.

If you are lucky enough, you’ll have a better weather when you are in Vienna. But even if not, be sure to either go hiking, running or cycling on the Danube Island. It’s an absolutely great experience!


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