City Guide: Helsinki

Helsinki is a cold city, especially in winter. But Helsinki also is a lovely and inspiring city, where it uses to turn into a wonderland of snow! Despite the landscape being so beautiful with all the snow, Helsinki still shines with its diversified architecture, churches, squares and parks!

Considering the temperatures in Scandinavia in winter, we are very brave people to decide to pay Helsinki a visit in January. However, the capital of Finland showed us its best side and all the beauty it has. Plus, it was a complimentary training, as we were dying for discovering Helsinki, but not for paying the prices for public transport. Scandinavia is expensive in general, but the big cities are even more. Unless necessary, we went by foot everywhere, despite the cold.

But as Helsinki is the capital of Finland, its importance to the country is enormous. Cultural highlights as well as political meetings are part of the city, not to forget about the parks and nature you will find from time to time. Museums, the parliament and the Olympic Stadium, just to mention sports as well, is just a general overview of what we explored!

Starting to explore Helsinki

We started our tour through Helsinki just strolling around and were lucky enough to immediately admire the building of the university (yeah, internet for us students!) before being completely flashed by the cathedral!

After that, we went on and enjoyed some lovely views of the harbor and were also able to discover a Ferris wheel in the back.

What was pretty special about the harbor was not the harbor itself, but a tiny little market going on despite the cold which was cute to watch.


Just a few meters further, we found ourselves in a little park between two roads. On the one side is the famous Kämp Hotel located, whereas on the other side there are some stores and restaurants. Oh, I almost forget to mention the stunning architecture!

From there, it is not any far to the central station or the National Theatre anymore.

On our way back to the Hilton Strand, we passed by Finlandia! NO, not the vodka, what do you think?! Finlandia hall hosts concerts and congresses and is quite imposing!

The Opera and the Parliament of Finland are worth taking a look at as well. There all located pretty close to each other.

Opera of Helsinki

Opera of Helsinki

Parliament of Finland

Parliament of Finland

Now, we gained some insights of the nature in Helsinki, which was beautiful! However, watch your steps when going there as it might be slippery from time to time!

What is worth a mention are the ducks having a home in Helsinki. There is a place where the ice is broken so that the ducks have some space to live.


Last but not least, we paid the Olympic Stadium a visit. Not meant to be offensive, but even though Finland is not the best nation when it comes to soccer, we were pretty interested in the stadium and the architecture, although the stadium itself is located a bit outside the city and we had to walk a lot!

Olympic Stadium Helsinki

Olympic Stadium Helsinki

So, to come to an end, we definitely enjoyed our time in Helsinki, despite the price which kind of hurts when buying food and despite the cold which hurts when being outside for a longer time. Oh, and before I forget about it: The Seurasaari Fölisön Freiliegt Museum is absolutely worth a visit as well. When Moritz was Running in Helsinki, he pictured it for you!


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  2. Hi there! Just stumbled upon your blog. I’m glad to notice that you’ve been to my home city! But not so glad to notice that you came at the darkest time of the year, when Finland definitely didn’t get to show you its full colours! You should come again in the summer and visit some interesting urban neighbourhoods such as Kallio, and the beach, Hietsu (Hietaniemenranta), and some of our lovely little islands, such as Suomenlinna. There’s nothing better than enjoying the nightless nights by the seaside (or by a lake!) in Finland 🙂

    Looking forward to your future posts!


    • Hey Saana, thanks for the nice tips! Well, we found Finland beautiful with all the snow, as we don’t see such a Winter Wonderland too often though 🙂

  3. I was born in Helsinki, but later in my life I have noticed that there is life also outside Helsinki. The real Finland, if somebody wants to find it, is outside Helsinki. 🙂

    Happy and safe travels!

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