Lounge Review: Finnair Lounge Helsinki

The Finnair Lounge (Schengen Area) in Helsinki is one of the most modern and stylish oneworld lounges in the world. Located airside with great views of the tarmac, the lounge is very pleasant. We had the time to review the lounge when flying from Helsinki to Berlin and were very satisfied even though the lounge was very crowded and the variety of food a little small.

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Many lounges we reviewed so far were small and did not have any view at all. The Finnair Lounge in Helsinki was a really positive exception in this regard.

Entrance to the Finnair Louneg in the Schengen Area

Entrance to the Finnair Lounge in the Schengen Area

Located right above many gates, the lounge offers great views of the tarmac – perfect for plane lovers and spotters. Even though it was dark when we arrived at the Helsinki Airport, we enjoyed the bright colors and nice lightning that made the Finnair Lounge Helsinki look very airy and comfortable at the same time.

The sleek design in combination with several different seating arrangements makes it great to relax in the lounge for some time or even work on new projects.

The furniture is still very modern as the lounge opened its door only a short time ago. Next to relaxation, dining and normal seating areas, visitors of the lounge can also find working areas with iMac’s in the Finnair Lounge.

Tasty food, but not much variety

As it took some time to get from the Helsinki city center to the airport, we were a little hungry when we arrived at the Finnair Lounge Helsinki.

Salad buffet in the Finnair Lounge

Salad buffet in the Finnair Lounge

Luckily, the buffet looked very good. Even though the choice was limited, we liked the presentation of the food. Also, the taste of the salad, the hot dish and the cake were very good. The only criticism that one may have is that there was only one dish per course and for example no warm food for vegetarians.

Another thing was the limited availability when the lounge was still crowded by people waiting to board the long distance planes to Asia. Especially the warm dish was no longer available at that time. Something the staff at the Finnair Lounge can work on.

Apart from that, we really liked the quality offered and would definitely come back to grab a snack next time we are at Helsinki Airport.

Wide range of entertainment options

Many people tend to visit lounges not for the food, but for the entertainment options. In our lounge review of the Finnair Lounge Helsinki, we have to mention that the offered entertainment was very good.

Business Area in the Finnair Lounge

Business Area in the Finnair Lounge

There are areas that are dedicated to watching televisions and areas with several iMac’s for working or browsing the internet. Moreover, passengers that are visiting the Finnair Lounge may choose one of dozens national and international newspapers that are available at all times – even when it is very busy in the lounge.

Relaxation area with televsions and live information on flights

Relaxation area with televsions and live information on flights

Also, magazines are available throughout the lounge. Last but not least, it is worth a mention that WiFi is quick and fast in all areas of the lounge. When it comes to entertainment, there is nothing we missed at the Finnair Lounge Helsinki.

A lounge that’s worth visiting

Even though not everything was perfect at the Finnair Lounge Helsinki as for example used dishes were cleared very slowly making the lounge look very dirty, we really liked the time we spent at the Finnair Lounge. Even though the lounge is not comparable with lounges like the Etihad Airways Lounge in Abu Dhabi, it is definitely one of the best lounges in Europe.

The washroom in the Finnair Lounge are modern and very clean

The washrooms in the Finnair Lounge are modern and very clean

The design alone is something that everyone who loves discovering new places should have seen at least once. This combined with nice entertainment, good food and a great view of the tarmac makes us draw a very positive conclusion about the Finnair Lounge Helsinki.


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