Running in Berlin 2

With the Hotel Adlon in Berlin as a location to start your run, you can’t really take a wrong route. However, I’d recommend to follow a very special one if you want to connect an amazing run with some great sightseeing in the city. I was lucky enough to not only see much of the Boulevard “Unter den Linden”, but also many amazing museums and the parliament buildings. Not to forget about the Brandenburg Gate during a sunset!

In January, running sometimes can be a little awkward due to bad conditions on the streets and cold temperatures.

  • Distance: 6.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 100 Meters
  • Calories burned: 350-400
  • Month: January
  • Weather: Cloudy

When I was running in Berlin when staying at the Hotel Adlon Berlin, the conditions were favorable. A good temperature for running, a cloudy, but partly sunny sky and not too many tourists on the streets.

My jogging route through Berlin (Tracked by Runtastic)

My jogging route through Berlin (Tracked by Runtastic)

Right perfect to explore Berlin’s most important landmarks and enjoy a beautiful run through the city at the very same time!

Humboldt University, Spree and Berliner Dom

When leaving Hotel Adlon, I turned into the opposite direction of the Brandenburg Gate to enjoy all the landmarks right on the Boulevard Unter den Linden.

The first views of the Boulevard Unter den Linden

The first views of the Boulevard Unter den Linden

After less than one kilometer, you’ll stumble upon the first interesting historical buildings like the State Library or some buildings of the renowned Humboldt University.

You’ll also catch a view of the armory, the “Humboldt Box” and the construction site for the new Berlin Castle.

Beautiful views on many sights in Berlin

Beautiful views of many sights in Berlin

Not to forget about the river Spree and the “Kupfergraben” that I passed both before reaching kilometer two of my run!

Views of the Berlin TV Tower

Before turning around, I had the pleasure to enjoy amazing views of the Berlin TV Tower, the tallest building in the city.

Berlin's tallest building: The TV Tower

Berlin’s tallest building: The TV Tower

However, that’s not everything great you can see when following my running route as the way back was at least as amazing as the sightseeing part of the run.

Enjoyable views on the river

Enjoyable views of the river

I turned into the opposite direction right after the Spree and though enjoyed another great view of the river. However, I also liked running on the parallel street to the Boulevard Unter den Linden as I saw many buildings on the Museum Island.

The great thing about that area in Berlin is the fact that the museums are not just great from the inside, but also look stunning from the outside!

Back to the Spree

After also passing the Friedrichsstraße, I decided to get back to the river Spree right at the so-called “Reichtstagsufer”.

Back at the Spree

Back at the Spree

This area is called like this due to the location right behind the parliament. Due to that, you can enjoy great views of the different governmental buildings that are located right on the Spree. At this time, the sunset began, so I was able to capture some great photos.

As it was really pleasant running right next to the most important river in Berlin all the time, I decided to follow it until I reached the modern and ultra-large central station of Berlin.

Bundestag and Brandenburg Gate

You may be curious whether it is possible to get even more sightseeing done in a run of only a little more than 6 kilometers? It definitely is!

Berlin's modern central station

Berlin’s modern central station

After crossing the Spree at the Central Station, it took only a few seconds to be back in the governmental area with all the modern buildings. Another some hundred meters later, I finally reached the Bundestag in all its beauty.

It looked absolutely amazing during the sunset and was definitely worth visiting. However, I had to go on to also take a photo of the stunning Brandenburg Gate in the sunset. Just a few steps later, my run came to an end.

Back at the Adlon in the dark

Back at the Adlon in the dark

An absolutely enjoyable experience I can just recommend to everyone – regardless of the weather!


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