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Gothenburg is one of the biggest cities in Sweden. To be more precise, it is the second biggest after Stockholm. As we’ve visited both cities, we understand why Stockholm is a very popular tourist destination! However, Gothenburg is worth a visit as well nevertheless. Even if the photos are not the best ones on this blog – the weather in December was not really photo-friendly – I hope I’ll be able to convince you!

Unfortunately, our day in Gothenburg started like a catastrophe. It was neither the flight nor the city, but the Scandic Hotel Europa. Exploring the city when being denied to check in is not the best condition. Moreover, getting up early for the flight resulted in us being dead tired. Which was not good for being resistant to the cold temperatures in December in Scandinavia.

Strolling around through the city of Gothenburg

So, with no plan at all, we just started to stroll around in Gothenburg. As it was the mid of December and Christmas already knocking on the door, it wasn’t too surprising that we found lots of Christmas decoration and a lovely little Christmas Market in the well-known district Haga.

In the evening, we even heard and thus found some angels singing!



Angels singing

Angels singing

Getting further, we got aware of the stunning architecture Gothenburg has to offer. But don’t mistake it, Gothenburg is no city which is a construction site and offers some spectacular skyscrapers! Rather the old buildings convey a very cozy feeling and flair of Gothenburg!

Moreover, this style continues when it comes to some sights like the Stadsbiblioteket or the Concert house!



As it was before Christmas and about to get dark, we figured it would be nice to pay Liseberg a visit. It was very expensive to just get in, so be aware of that. Is it worth the money? Honestly, I’m not sure. If you are interested about going there, our Special about Liseberg Gothenburg may be nice to consider for advice!

The Christmas Market at Liseberg was really nice

The Christmas Market at Liseberg was nice

Finally, after six hours of waiting, we were allowed to get in our room. At least, we had a solid sleep after that pretty strenuous day so we were fit the next one to continue discovering! On the new, we realized once again that Gothenburg is a lovely city, here are some pictures:

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However, there is still something else we need to highlight: The port Lilla Bommen which really is beautiful and is worth seeing!

Not to forget about the so-called Lipstick, a building which simply looks like one and was thus named Lipstick by the locals.

After catching a view on the lipstick, we crossed an ugly bridge and were thinking about what to do now and in the evening.

Museum of Gothenburg

So, we decided for paying a museum a visit, which cannot be taken literally as the entrance was for free this day (quite surprisingly).

City Museum

City Museum

However, the exhibitions convinced us and made us enjoy our time in the Museum of Gothenburg. Seriously, we wrote a whole article about that one, so don’t miss it – both, the article and the museum if you get the chance!


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