Birthday Lunch at Hotel Royal Stuttgart

Even though fine dining is not one of our main interests, we can’t resist sometimes. Due to a special occasion, we had the pleasure to try the cuisine of the Hotel Royal in Stuttgart. The hotel doesn’t look amazing from the outside, but the food is really outstanding.

Birthdays need to be celebrated! As I’m somebody who loves staying at hotels on my birthday, I usually only get to fine dining when somebody else is celebrating. Due to that invitation, I have the pleasure to review our lunch experience at Hotel Royal Stuttgart.

The Menu (in German)

The Menu (in German)

While the hotel is rarely known to be anything like luxury class when it comes to its rooms or the hotel itself, the restaurant is renowned for great cuisine.

Good service in many regards

Fine dining can be spectacular, but it can be disappointing, too. At Hotel Royal, it was everything but disappointing. The menu was presented in a very classic fashion and included many items we like.

The starter: Tomato Cream Soup

The starter: Creamy tomato soup

However, I’m not eating veal, so I had to get into conversation with the stuff. A really pleasant experience as the helpful waitress was instantly offering alternatives including chicken or beef. I went for the latter, which was a very good decision as later occurred.

Great food with second helping

The starter of the menu presented at Hotel Royal Stuttgart was not really spectacular. Yet, the creamy tomato soup with basil had a very good consistency and also a very intense taste. However, the starter was not as good as the main dish. The beef was very tender and perfectly cooked, but I did like the side dishes even more.

The main dish: Beef with vegetables and allmond balls

The main dish: Beef with vegetables and almond balls

The steamed vegetables with a touch of sauce together with so-called “almond balls” (consisting of potatoes mainly) were absolutely amazing. Another lovely touch was the second helping that was offered when you were finished. A very special touch of great service.

A good end to a good lunch

Sadly, we were in a little hurry because we had to catch a flight in Munich in the early evening. Due to that, we did not have time to really celebrate the dessert.

The dessert: Panna Cotta, Chocolate Mousse, fresh fruits

The dessert: Panna Cotta, chocolate mousse, fresh fruits

However, I really liked the variation of different items. The panna cotta was especially great, but the fresh fruits together with the chocolate mousse were also heavenly. Next to the coffee service that I missed due to the rush, some cookies were served. A nice rounding off for a very good dinner.

The aftermath: Cookies

The final: Cookies

Sometimes, I feel like I should enjoy fine dining more often. Especially after such a good experience. So, if you are in Stuttgart, be sure to pay a visit to Hotel Royal. Not for the hotel, but for the great food!


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