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Chicago is known for its role as a forerunner in the 19th century in regard of architecture and skyscrapers. Nowadays, very high houses and thus skyscrapers are nothing special anymore. Bigger and higher are those buildings getting, the highest building in the world won’t keep the first place for long. However, Chicago still is a very interesting city for a visit, especially considering its location near Lake Michigan!

Our first day in Chicago was kind of a tough one after a long-haul flight from Europe. Hello 24-hours-bright-day, goodbye sleep. Thank you time difference! However, we decided to not waste our given time and to stroll around in Chicago instead. To be more precise, we started at the Langham Chicago and went on in the direction of the Millennium Park.

There, first sights can be admired! There is The Art Institute of Chicago, for example.

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

What you can moreover enjoy is the Millennium Park itself, but something more worth gawking at is the amazing Cloud Gate!

Moving on a bit, it won’t take long until you reach the sidewalk next to Lake Michigan, where beautiful panoramas and views of the lake want to be enjoyed!

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

But before you can do that, it’s important to cross the “highway” – this kind of destroys the great experience, also due to the noise…

Lake Michigan 2

Once having crossed the highway, you will find the Adler Planetarium when your view goes to the right.

Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium

Whereas on the left, you will be able to catch a sight of the Navy Pier, which was unfortunately a construction site when we visited the city of Chicago. But it looks beautiful nevertheless and Moritz will release some great shots in the Chicago Running Guide!

If you have enjoyed that, turn around! It will allow breathtaking views of the skyline of Chicago!

However, as we were dead tired, we decided to go back to the hotel after that. Due to the great location of the Langham Chicago, even we in our tired mood still noticed the impressive Trump Tower next to the hotel as well as the amazing architecture some steps next to it.

On the next day, we just went out and took a photo of what we found, but to be quite honest, I absolutely failed in the aftermath of naming the buildings. However, they looked beautiful and I hope you enjoy them even without a name.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Going on, we found the Theatre Center.

Theatre Center

But if you ask me, the Union Station is way more impressive!

Not to forget about the famous Willis Tower! We missed the opportunity to go up, but at least made some great shots from the ground.

Why? Because we already had the pleasure to catch some breathtaking views of Chicago when we were flying over it! Honestly, this one was taken over Boston, it’s just for you to get a similar impression, even if we have no great photo for Chicago…


So, visiting Chicago was a very exciting experience as the style of architecture and the mass of skyscrapers is nothing we are used to from Europe.


Would I recommend Chicago or is it worth visiting the largest city in Illinois? Definitely!


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  1. My hometown is in Indiana but pretty much bordering Chicago! You definitely hit up all the good spots. Every time I’m there it’s always a different experience for me even though the place doesn’t really change.

    • Finally someone who doesn’t say “oh, but next time you go, don’t forget about place xy”. I guess that’s the vibe of a big city – it doesn’t really change, but it’s a different experience anyway 🙂

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  6. I live about 45 minutes outside of Chicago so as a fellow traveler, it’s interesting to hear what others think when they visit here. Everyone sees and experiences cities in different ways!

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