City Guide: Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and I promise you, if you don’t have some knowledge of Ugric languages, you won’t hardly understand anything at all. That’s the only negative side of visiting Budapest. But the positive points are in the majority! Budapest has some special places which are about to give you memorable moments – which is especially true when you stumble in on a date which is celebrated!

When we visited, we were surprised to see the locals celebrating. But what was happening that day? On this 15th of March, the Revolution against the house of Habsburg in 1848/1849 was commemorated. So, what does this mean? For example, it meant that the Market Hall was closed when we wished to have a look on all the stands.

Moreover, it meant that there were some festivities on Castle Hill. The medieval style of the buildings and thus the architecture are definitely worth having a gawk at!

Furthermore, it meant that there were mostly locals and not, as usual, just tourists. But I don’t say that there were none. When we were on the way to the castle to be able to enjoy some fantastic views of Buda and of Pest, we definitely caught some words we knew!

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However, the views are not the only wonderful things to enjoy on Castle Hill in Budapest, where you can get by funicular by the way.

We had some difficulties in finding a way down which was not exactly the same as the one we went up as there was always a point where we didn’t get any further. However, we finally made it and first admired the Chain Bridge before crossing it.

Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge

As we turned around from time to time, we were able to catch some frontal views of the Castle Hill. Well, not the best photos as we were not so lucky with the weather this time…

Castle Hill

Castle Hill

Once on the other side again, we saw the Gellert Statue, but it was too far away to go there though.

Gellert Statue

What you could already see from above was the Parliament of Hungary, which is known for being the most beautiful one in Europe! Here are some impressions.

There, it was not only the parliament, but also some monuments or statues which wanted to be admired.

When you stay in this area, you can stroll around a bit in a pedestrian zone, even though it is not right next to the parliament.

Pedestrian Zone

This one is more located in the near of the Kempinksi Corvinus Budapest where we spent our second night.

View from our room

View from our room

From there, it is very easy to reach other parts of the city due to the good connection with public transportation.

Metro 2

Be sure to always have your valid ticket with you as there are controllers on every entrance of the station. When the stop ‘Opera’ was announced, we got out pretty spontaneously to catch a glimpse of it.



However, it didn’t take us long, so we continued discovering Budapest. And the Heroes Square was well worth it!

It is large and it is an impressive view. I guess it is even nicer in summer, but a bit fuller for sure. Last but not least, we went on just strolling around and discovered a nearly empty square.


I guess there is some ice skating offered in winter, but like that, it looked absolutely ridiculous! Something more interesting was a park in which some museums are located.

Museum Park

In the evening, we went to the New York Café as the design is renowned for being very special. Sure, it was special, but it was very expensive as well. Would I recommend it? It was nothing bad or something, but I’m not so sure.

Budapest has some very stunning architecture and an impressive old town to offer, so here are a few overall impressions!

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