Looking back on week 36

It’s spring in Europe! That means that it’s the right time to travel the world and explore new spots. In the last week, we gave you some inspirations on what you may do in the upcoming weeks. There is so much to see, better start traveling instantly!

We started our week in Eastern Europe: In Riga at the Royal Square Hotel to be precise!


Traveling and flying are connected to each other. If you are flying to Berlin, you may find our Airport Guide of the Berlin Schoenefeld Airport helpful!

(Image Source: Flughafen Berlin Schönefeld /

(Image Source: Flughafen Berlin Schönefeld /

Pure luxury right on the Baltic Sea. Our review of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm will make you dream away!

Small, but very cozy: Our room at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

Chicago is a city that’s absolutely amazing for visiting in spring. See why!

Cloud Gate

Getting from A to B in a city is important for tourists. With our transportation guide, you won’t have any problems in Helsinki!

You can find trams pretty much everywhere in Helsinki

Great airline lounges make traveling way more enjoyable. The Lounge by Luxair in Luxembourg is a great example!

Floor-to-ceiling windows make The Lounge Luxembourg very bright and airy

For a great journey, you better mix air and rail travel. We really liked our experience in the Northeast Regional (Amtrak)!

Okay to eat, but nothing more: Bagle in the Northeast Regional

Luxury in an Olympic flair. Check out the new Pullman Sochi!

Executive Room (Image Source: Pullman Sochi /

(Image Source: Pullman Sochi /

Indulging is an integral part of traveling. We loved our lunch at the Aragosta Bar & Bistro at the Battery Wharf Hotel Boston!

Dessert variation at the Aragosta Bar and Bistro

Art, design and many special touches. Hotels like The Exhibitionist Hotel in London make travelling unique!

Penthouse Suite (Image Source: The Exhibitionist Hotel /

(Image Source: The Exhibitionist Hotel /

Some cities are always worth a visit. Budapest in Hungary is the perfect example!

View of Buda

You are in deep need of holidays? Well, the One & Only Palmilla Los Cabos just reopened after a long renovation!

Vista Pool (Image Source: One & Only Palmilla /

(Image Source: One & Only Palmilla /

Spring means colors and flowers. That’s what you also find in our photo of the week!



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    • Thanks a lot! Tough question. At the moment, I’m really looking forward to our trip to South Africa. But talking about the cities we visited so far, I’d go for Vilnius in Lithuania. Just because we didn’t expect anything and were flashed by its beauty!

      • I’d just stroll through the city. It’s just the nice old town and the atmosphere that makes the city special. Well, not yet, but we’ll release our city review soon 🙂

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