City Guide: Regensburg

Regensburg is a very well-known city in Germany, to be more precise, in Bavaria. Why? The medieval city center of Regensburg became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. Plus, the Old Stone Bridge and the Cathedral St. Peter carry a legend which makes Regensburg a very special city.

Regensburg is a beautiful city. Due to the Danube flowing through the city and the rich history of Regensburg, prices for locals are pretty high. What a pity that there is no real luxury hotel to stay at! We found the one which is known for being the best one in Regensburg, the Park Hotel.

Park Hotel in the Bavarian City of Regensburg

Park Hotel, known for being the best hotel in the city

However, we’ve been to Regensburg many times before and although we know pretty much every corner of the city we review this time, we still enjoy spending some hours in the city. As we knew where to park the car best, we had a lovely walk along the Danube before getting to the medieval old town.

Even from there, we were able to catch a panorama at the Old Stone Bridge and the Cathedral St. Peter.

Old Stone Bridge in Regensburg

Before we crossed the bridge, we figured that it would be nice to catch some views of Stadtamhof, a part of Regensburg with many old and colorful buildings!

At the end of this street there is a monument with a little locomotive to be seen. As you can find there public toilets and a bakery, this is a lovely place to spend some time or take a break from discovering the city!

When you then start exploring again, you will be able to enjoy great views of the Old Stone Bridge and the Cathedral St. Peter when returning.

View of Cathedral St. Peter Regensburg

View of Cathedral

However, this is true when the renovation works on the bridge are finished…

Old Stone Bridge, renovated part in Regensburg

Old Stone Bridge, renovated part

So yes, this one was taken from a different perspective though. Once on the Old Stone Bridge, take a moment and enjoy the views and panoramas it offers!

After this great start and having crossed the bridge, you’ll stumble upon the well-known “Wurstkuchl” – the oldest Sausage Kitchen in the whole world!

Wurstküche in Regensburg

Wurstküche, traditional food

The only thing we can recommend is to go there and try it!

Medieval city center of Regensburg

Having done that, you’re just a few steps away from the medieval city center of Regensburg. This one is beautiful and lovely to look at! Not to forget about the special atmosphere and flair Regensburg emanates!

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Just stroll around and enjoy, which is especially great in summer or when the sun is shining. But don’t miss some special buildings like the Old Town Hall!

Old City Hall Regensburg

Old City Hall

Cathedral St. Peter in Regensburg

I’m pretty sure it won’t take you long to admire the impressive Cathedral St. Peter located in the medieval part! Here are some shots to get an idea.

After that, our day went to an end. When we strolled back to the car, we caught some last panoramic views of this beautiful city called Regensburg!

Sunset in Regensburg

Sunset in Regensburg


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